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YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette

More compatible than IQOS

YouMe HNB product is a device for traditional cigarettes. According to the statistics of the WHO, the number of deaths due to smoking in the world is as high as 6 million every year, and the death toll from second-hand smoke also reaches an alarming number of 600,000. Under the circumstance of smokers’ steady smoking habits, we can curb the harm induced by traditional cigarettes to a minimum with YouMe HNB device.

youme hnb

You might be curious about this new device, how does it work?

YouMe HNB takes the use of 315 ° low-temperature tar eliminating technology.
Constant temperature control and surround heating technology keep the traditional cigarette temperature constant and stable at 315 °. And harmful substances such as heavy metal elements and tar of cigarettes remain in the ash at this temperature.

youme hnb

Moreover, YouMe HNB’s intelligent temperature control system can intelligently heat cigarettes according to the temperature of the product. It prevents excessive heating caused by continuous heating and prevents the production of more harmful substances.

youme hnb

What’s more, YouMe HNB is equipped with a laboratory-grade purification system. It comes with food-grade high-temperature-resistant materials, built-in dual high-efficiency purification layers, and an ultra-long U-shaped airway, which can directly purify the precipitated harmful substances and moisture effectively.

youme hnb

Safety is the first concern of many customers when purchasing high power devices like box mod vapes. YouMe HNB comes with a double protection mechanism. Its heating compartment and the battery are separated from each other, and the battery is fundamentally isolated from the heating source. The built-in smart shutdown chip works instantly when the battery temperature rises to 70 °. This design keeps the battery and you safe when smoking.


Cigarettes are still the most popular tobacco products today while harming smokers significantly.

YouMe device takes the lead to heat traditional cigarettes and reduces the harm of cigarettes for 1 billion smokers in the world. It’s a must-have device for every smoker.

Not like IQOS selling its own HEETS (HeatSticks) cartridges, YouMe skips the cartridge design and production. This new device is designed for common cigarettes, and it’s compatible with cigarettes. So it doesn’t hurt the state tobacco revenue and will thrive.

YOUME Heat Not Burn Project Presetation1213

Buy YouMe HNB samples here:

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette


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