Zovoo Vincibar F600 disposable vape review

Vincibar F600 overall taste
Vincibar F600 sweetness degree
Vincibar F600 vapor amount
Vincibar F600 vaping resistence
Vincibar F600 look
Vincibar F600 touch feeling
Vincibar F600 portable size
Vincibar F600 endurance
Vincibar F600 Strawberry Kiwi
Vincibar F600 Grape Ice
Vincibar F600 Kiwipassionfruit Guava
Vincibar F600 Blue Razz Lemonade
Vincibar F600 Blueberry Sour Raspberry

The overall taste of VINCIBAR F600 is on the top level, it's smooth, pure and silky due to its high-end e-liquid. While most flavors are sweeter than common disposable vapes, good for sweet enthusiasts. Among those flavors, Strawberry is the best. And the Kiwi flavor is the least sweet, which is more suitable for long-term vaping.

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Vincibar F600 is another new disposable vape from Zovoo. Compared to the Dragbar series, Vincibar is much better no matter in taste, touch, or look. It is eye-catching and the vape juice inside is premium and high-end.

Vincibar F600 try out

Colorful gradient appearance will the first impression for most vapers. It makes vaping cooler and more fashionable.

When you touch it, it feels comfortable and skin-friendly. Without sharp corns like Dragbar, it feels smooth on hand but with a frosted anti-slip surface.

Meanwhile, it’s dainty and portable, making it stealthy and easy to carry in a pocket.  Very convenient.

The 600 puff 2ml shorter endurance is a downside but also a blessing. It’s not a long-lasting disposable, however, the short service life makes it more sanitary. As you know, long-lasting disposable’s mouthpieces and air holes will be contaminated by the dust and dirt in your pocket when carried in your pocket, those contamination will bring trouble to your breathing system. Luckily shorter-life disposables like Vincibar F600 will avoid this.

20MG nicotine strength is not strong but brings appropriate satisfaction. Though 50MG would be better, it’s not legal in some places. There are over 10 mixed flavors for Vincibar, each comes with a different flavor experience and it’s generally sweeter than common disposables.

If you vape not that much, this sweetness degree is perfect and wonderful. However, it will become greasy when you vape it too much and cause something uncomfortable in the stomach. Be sure to drink enough hot water to ease this phenomenon.

Compared to most vapes on market, despite the sweetness degree of the Vincibar, the vape juice inside Vincibar F600 is very high-end with both Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base. Observing the mellow and rich flavor it produces and its sweetness, there is more VG inside.

VINCIBAR F600 specifications/ parameters

Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.5Ω
Nicotine Strength: 20mg/mL, 9.8 mg/mL, 0 mg/mL
Battery Capacity: 400mAh



Overall speaking, the taste of VINCIBAR F600 is on the top level, it’s smooth, pure and silky due to its premium e-liquid. Considering most flavors are sweeter than common disposable vapes, good for sweet enthusiasts.


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