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11 Marketing Channels to Promote Your Vape Shop Online

The Vape Industry is flourishing very fast, and its demand doesn’t seem to reduce anytime soon.

recent study recorded an increase in the number of high school seniors vaping in 2018 compared to the previous year. The rise was from 28% to 37%.

If you have a vape shop online, you must have noticed that its competition is relentless. Besides, advertising vapes isn’t easy as in many other industries. These vapes are now a popular replacement for non-smokers and conventional cigarette smokers. Non-smokers are entering into the vaping industry by taking nicotine-free vape juices.

However, there is a bigger problem with advertising vape US and its related products because there is no access to Facebook ads and paid search. So, how will you grow and promote your vape shop online if you’re not allowed to advertise? That’s why we are here. Here is a list of the 11 marketing channels to promote a vape shop.

1.  Reddit

Reddit features an influential community of posters known as subreddits that allows you to post any subculture, including the vaping community. Vaping is turning out to be an ideal recreation for the Redditors.

This is a list of some of the active subreddits that can help you market your online store.

  • Vaping 101
  • Vaping
  • Electronic cigarette
  • VapeTricks
  • Vapors
  • Vaping_Deals
  • Vape_Sales

Marketing or organizing a giveaway in subreddits turns out to have assisted various vape shop owners to boom their business.

2.  Facebook Company Pages

Although Facebook doesn’t want your money for advertising, it won’t prevent you from creating a company page and earning big from your followers. While you cultivate a good relationship with your customers, it’s good to maintain the fun and offer relevant content on your platform.

On top of that, ensure your audience gets new giveaways, games, polls, and product launches.

3.  SEO Keyword Optimization

The critical thing to attracting customers to your vape shop is keyword optimization since you’re not allowed to pay for adverts on Facebook or Google. Using proper keywords helps to increase your ranking in Google. Although the conventional keywords are right, the narrow and more descriptive the Google search makes it better.

4.  Contribute to Vape Industry Magazines

The vape industry has now grown to a point where it can support many online and print magazines. Most of these publications have thousands of audiences and are free.

These vaping magazines are funded by advertising revenue; therefore, they are unable to pay writers much. Meaning they will love to publish your content for free. This way, you have a choice to talk about your shop while establishing your brand.

5.  Print Media

Print media is still alive, contrary to what is believed. The current cannabis and vaping industry has made marketing and advertising especially essential to vape shops owners.

If you have well-placed content or an ad for a new product, it can cause a significant change in your brand.

Some of these popular magazines include;

  • Vapour Magazine
  • Vapor
  • Vape Magazine
  • Vaping Underground
  • Vape magazine
  • Vapouround

6.  YouTube Reviewers

You can consider creating a YouTube channel that is linked to your store. When you are making your content, it’s vital to consider answering the commonly asked questions about vape by your audience or customers.

Besides, vaping on a camera can attract several clients to your shop on YouTube. You can talk about topics like vape juice reviews, educational guides, and equipment reviews.  Moreover, you offer free e-juices and vape mods to renowned reviews who can plug your vape shop in their reviews.

7.  Email Marketing

An engaging and great campaign drives traffic to your platform. According to statistics, many digital marketers utilize social media to raise brand awareness, increase their brand’s audience and improve web traffic.

Many clients leave the online carts every day, and an email marketing strategy can help you bring them back to purchase your products.

8.  Use Affiliate Marketing

If you have an online vape shop, starting an affiliate program can help your business grow. This gives you access to different people globally. In this program, the affiliate places a kink to your online shop through their website. When a customer uses the link to purchase products from your shop, they gain a special commission from the sale.

9.  Optimize your Website’s Design

The design of your website should put the users first. And since most Google search traffic is currently coming from mobile devices, it’s imperative to cater to mobile users. Therefore, the website should be mobile-friendly for the best performance.

However, if you have already configured it for mobile devices, it’s time to check its design and layout.

10.  Invest in a Quit Smoking Niche

It’s a smart one. Many smokers are looking for a way to quit, and if you can tell them how vaping can help, then you’re in for a deal. There are various channels where you can join conversations on vaping. While creating content for those platforms, you will also be able to brand your online shop and attract more sales.

11.  Use Vape Tricksters on Instagram

Even the non-vapers can be hooked to scrolling through the pics and videos of those vape tricks. In the end, 5 people within every 100 people may become interested in your products.


Whether you have an offline or online vape shop, marketing is the key to a successful business. The vape industry is generally growing, meaning there is increasing competition in the market.

Therefore, getting your shop to stand out amongst the others requires different marketing strategies. It would be best if you take time to create an engaging, creative and effective marketing campaign to ensure your online vape shop succeeds.




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Prashant Kumar
2 years ago

Hey I feel happy to put my comment on this blog post!

Thanks for sharing these marketing channels ideas for vape shop owner worldwide! It is too much helpful.

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