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11 Vape Tricks to Make You the Hype of the Party

Vape tricks are incredible and stunning, no matter where you land on the vaping graph. If you like vape pens and e-cigarettes, creating art out of fumes blowing out of your face can be an enjoyable and “cool” hobby. However, such tricks may require patience before you could even call yourself an expert, and it is well worth the hassle if you want to attract and entertain your friends/family or even strangers at the party. Stay in sync with us to learn 11 innovative vape tricks so you can flaunt your talent to be the most skillful person in the room.

How to Prep For Mind-Blowing Vape Tricks

The following are some preparation tips to help you improve your vaping game:


  • To perform these complex smoke tricks, you must breathe in and expel a significant volume of fume, so picking the correct liquid is critical.
  • You can also use a sub-ohm tank or an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). It allows you to drop e-liquid immediately onto the coil of the e-cigarette.
  • Ingesting much nicotine will render you delirious. Hence, choose a juice that is devoid of nicotine and flavor. You can also count on CBD e-liquid(which is different from CBD oil) as cannabidiol is THC-free.
  • Further, if you are new to the vaping world and want to master the art of smoking out the fumes, you must first learn more about what you are getting into (vapes and e-cigarettes). To get the stuff, you can visit King Crop Delivery here.

11 Vape Tricks That Will Make You the Life of the Party

Experienced vapers are time and again experimenting with innovative and creative smoke tricks. So, we have chosen to provide you with a new package of vaping tricks that will have your peers convinced you are a true genius. Following vape techniques will quickly charm your friends:


  1. The Classic: Cloud Dragon

The Dragon can instantly transform you into a powerful beast. Take a long draw of smoke without breathing it in. Once your mouth is full of vapor, puff out forcefully via your nostrils while gradually breathing out some of the fumes through the corners of your mouth. The smoke clouds will erupt from your nose and edges of your mouth with force and intimidation.


  1. The Magic Waterfall

All the Harry Potter fans out there! This one is for you. If you have wanted to look like a magician experimenting with a magic potion, you cannot miss out on this trick. Take a smoke pull and breathe out the vapor into a water bottle/flask topped up with ice. Since the icy water at the base makes the vapor thicker, you can spill it outside the bottle. Moreover, there, your smoky magic waterfall will flow out.


  1. The Lasso

This vape technique will make you feel like a cowboy/girl instantly. Make a big, dense ring of smoke. Widen the circle by moving it swiftly with your fist. Pull another puff of the vapor and blast a narrower circle inside the middle of the very first. The tiny ring’s power propels it through the big one. It coils around it, resembling a lasso.


  1. Tornado

When the name itself is both amusing and terrifying, you can be confident that anybody who witnesses the trick will be impressed. Inhale a proper puff, then lean over and place your mouth close to the surface of a table. Now, you need to exhale the smoke gently and deliberately over a flat surface. Lastly, in one quick step, slice at the surface with your palm and flip your wrist up and raise your shoulder to form a strong spinning curve.


  1. French Inhale

When you expel smoke from your mouth, ensure you do so efficiently and safely. Breathe the vapor from the nose when it comes out. The real trick is that you have to let the fume sit in your mouth before opening it to let it out without blowing it. As the vapor rises, use your nose to suck it and permit it to reach your nose. Smoke rises from the mouth and is breathed in from the nostrils, almost like a waterfall in reversal. Ensure that you opt for best cbd cigarettes or vape to experience the most out of it.



  1. Vapor Bubble

You will need a handmade cloud stick for this trick, so hold your props handy. For the bubble liquid, you will also need soapy water. The rest follows. Take a pull, prepare your bubbles, and blast. The vapor will enter the bubble cloud, making it look astounding.


  1. Ghost Inhale

Another excellent smoke technique is the Ghost Inhale. Breathe in the vapor and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, for just a fraction of a moment, drive everything out of your mouth before inhaling it all back.


  1. Bane Inhale

This one is yet another smoke inhaler technique, and it is perhaps the most spectacular among them all. The Bane Trick is a craze because of the Batman antagonist Bane, whose face/mask resembles the trick itself. Once you learn the French Inhale, all you will need to do is, rather than letting your vapor escape spontaneously, place your upper teeth on your lower lip. When you exhale slowly, the smoke will pass into the tiny corridors between your teeth. Then, quickly breathe in the fume through your nose to complete Bane’s mask.


  1. Flying Triangle

A triangular smoke is hard to imagine. Enable us to inform you that it is a reality, and it looks fantastic! First and foremost, you must build a large, thick vape ring. Now, with your fingertips, you force the loop and press the edges to shape it into a triangle. This technique is among the most challenging tricks to master as it requires exact control and perfect timing.


  1. Bull Ring

You must be able to blow out O’s to perform this trick. Puff out a ring, then immediately lean into it and breathe in through your nostrils. This trick will draw the smoke circle wheel into your nose, giving the impression that you have a bull ring.


  1. Jellyfish

First, you must blow out a big, even vape loop. Then, place your palm behind it to knock it down, and quickly blast another narrower ring through the middle of the slower wider circle. Once implemented right, the two wheels will merge to form a jellyfish shape.



The easiest way to discover and learn these tricks is to follow the directions in the tutorials precisely. You could even practice in front of a mirror to spot your mistakes. Also, do not be disheartened if you are not able to follow a particular smoke trick immediately.

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