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Ultimate Guide on How to fix Disposable Vape Pens in 2024

Vaping offers a long list of benefits, including lowering the risk of cancer, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and schizophrenia, among other risk factors linked to smoking cigarettes. While vaping is safer and offers vapers a wide variety of flavors to choose from compared to smoking cigarettes, one cannot enjoy vaping to the fullest if your disposable vape pen isn’t hitting or filling your mouth with disposable vape burnt flavor.

Because of the astronomical rate at which the disposable vape industry is gaining popularity worldwide, different brands of vape pens have flooded the markets — online stores and neighborhood stores; making it easier to get lost in the ocean of vape brands out there.

As the famous saying goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth” — hold that thought and bring it home to how high-quality and reliable disposable vape brands like BecoVape are increasingly becoming difficult to find. If your e-cig is getting in the way of your vaping pleasure and you are not sure what to do about it, you no longer have to lose sleep over it because we will share common vape pen problems with you and how to deal with them.

Here Is A Rundown of The Common Problems with Disposable Vapes We Will Discuss in This Piece.

  • Disposable Vape Not Hitting
  • Disposable Vape Weak Hits
  • Dead Battery
  • Disposable Vape Leaking (Liquid Run Out)
  • The airflow Sensor Isn’t Sensitive
  • Disposable Vape Burned Flavor
  • Block the Airflow Vent
  • Break Air Bubbles


Let’s look at each of these problems and how to fix them. Shall we?

Disposable Vape Not Hitting/Disposable Vape Weak Hits

Top on the list of problems that disposable vape pens throw at vapers is that they stop hitting or produce weak hits. When your disposable vape pen stops hitting, here are the  possible causes you should look into:

  • Air bubbles are trapped around the coil or in the cartridge

If your disposable vape is not firing or hitting as it should, it could be that air bubbles are trapped in the cartridge and around the coil, hindering airflow. While this may cause you so much inconvenience, the solution to this problem will most likely stun you — give it a tap. Yes, you read that right. Repeatedly but gently tap where the cartridge is located. Doing so will free up the air passage and restore airflow in the unit.

  • Debris is clogging the mouthpiece and hindering airflow

Another culprit to look out for is debris. Because disposable vape pens are portable and can fit almost anywhere (pockets and bags) while you are on the move, it is not unusual to pick up debris (including fluff and dust particles) that can clog the mouthpiece. One way to deal with this is to assess the airway and use a safety pin or toothpick to remove debris. Easy peasy.

  • You bought a fake disposable vape pen

Last but not least, you might have bought yourself a fake disposable vape pen. Because of the ocean of vape pens or e-cigarettes available in the market at ridiculously low prices, you might end up purchasing a low-quality or outright fake vape pen. Another possibility is faulty internal components like the coil and battery. Often, this could be due to prolonged stay in the manufacturer’s warehouse or mishandling/dropping during transportation. Whatever the case, investing in a new disposable vape pen would do you a lot more good and save you the stress of waiting for repairs and replacement parts.

Dead Battery: Is Your Battery Getting Drained Fast?

Could your battery be dead? When you draw on your vape pen, you should see an indicator light glowing or lighting up on the vape pen. If this light isn’t coming on, it is usually a sign that your battery is drained. This isn’t much of a big deal if your vape pen is rechargeable — in this case, you can charge it, and it will be up and running. However, suppose your unit is not rechargeable. In that case, that usually spells the end of that unit, and you would be better off getting yourself a new disposable vape pen with a more robust battery capacity.

While you are at it, you should also bear in mind other factors that run down disposable vape pen batteries:

  • Overcharging
  • Exposing the unit to high temperatures
  • Bringing the unit in contact with metals, and
  • Tearing the battery wrapper

Liquid Run Out

Just as humans require oxygen to function, disposable vape pen needs their e-liquid to work — after all, that is where the flavor is and the source of the cloud when you puff. If your disposable vape pen is not delivering enough hits when your draw, you should check how much e-liquid you have left in your tank. Top up if the level is low or change the tank if you are out — virtually every disposable vape pen cartridge/pots are removable. An empty tank may make your vape pen seem broken.

 Is e-liquid escaping to the mouthpiece?

This can be caused by storing the vape pen sideways or upside down instead of sitting it upright. Allowing your vape to lye sideways can cause the liquid to escape into the vaporization chamber. When this happens, the atomizer will lose its ability to deliver big hits because of the chamber’s oil shortage. As such, pumping excess oil into your mouth when you pull.

  Tip: Always refill your disposable vape cartridge at 45 degrees

Another instance of where you could be losing liquid is overtightening the vape pen threading (which could break the threading seal and cause oil to leak out) and during refill. Liquid can get into the middle chamber during refill and result in leakage. To avoid leakage, incline the pot at 45 degrees while refilling and avoid overfilling. Another tip is leaving small room for a vacuum at the top of the cart — it helps deliver great hits.

The Airflow Sensor Isn’t Sensitive

The vape flow sensor is another crucial component of a disposable vape pen, and it plays the vital role of activating the coil (the heating element) when you inhale. Once the sensor activates the heating element, it increases the temperature in the chamber to about 100–250 °C (212–482 °F) to create an aerosolized vapor which is inhaled instead of the usual smoke from cigarettes.

Having understood how the vape flow sensor works, you can imagine the role of the airflow sensor in disposable vape pens. The airflow sensor is designed to deliver a customized vaping experience by regulating the airflow going into the atomizer.

The job of the airflow sensor is to regulate the flavor payout from the chamber to your mouth. The idea is simple, the higher the airflow, the smoother the hits because the liquid vaporizes faster. However, you get to taste less flavor.

What low airflow translates to is more juice getting evaporated. In a nutshell, if the sensor isn’t sensitive to regulate airflow, you’re most likely not getting a satisfactory vaping experience and are probably running out of juice faster than usual. What is the solution? Get the airflow sensor replaced.

Disposable Vape Burned Flavor

If your disposable vape pen is pumping out burned flavor (disposable vape tastes burnt), it is a sign that there isn’t enough juice or e-liquid on the wick. When there isn’t enough liquid on the wick, it results in dry hits (caused by insufficient e-liquid on the wick) and burnt hits (caused by a combusted wick).

In the case of the former, the vaper gets less flavor and less exhales, while the latter delivers a mouthful of burnt flavor due to continuous vaping after getting dry hits — this can be unpleasant and harsh on the throat.

In addition to insufficient e-liquid on the wick, another cause of vape burnt flavor is incorrect wattage settings. You can fix this by:

  • Increasing the wattage —  increasing heat vaporizes the liquid faster and delivers better hits
  • Take a break when you experience a dry hit
  • Allow the atomizer to get saturated before taking hits —  medium puffs between 15 seconds to 20 seconds interval works perfectly

Block the Airflow Vent

Blocking disposable airflow vent is one way of treating yourself to a pleasurable and memorable vaping experience. Blocking the airflow vent reduces the exposure or contact of the vapor coming hot out of the vaporizer with room-temperature air, as such, treating you to smoother and tasty hits.

How tight you want to block the airflow vent is dependent on your vaping style — if you vape Mouth-To-Lung (MTL), Direct Lung (DL), or you are a Cloud Chaser. It is always best to experiment and settle for what works best.

Break Air Bubbles

In addition to delivering disposable vape weak hits, having air bubbles in your cartridge or around the base of the wick hinders the absorption of e-liquid. What this translates to are a defective cartridge and an unpleasant vaping experience.

It doesn’t matter how hard you haul on the mouthpiece; if there are air bubbles around the wick, they make it almost impossible for the coil to function correctly — Thereby starving you of your desired vaping experience. Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this — break the air bubbles. How?

It is as simple as it sounds; blow hot air into the cartridge! If you do this correctly, you will notice movements as the concentrates heat up and liquefy. While that is happening, the bubbles should make their way from the bottom of the wick to the surface, where they’ll eventually pop/break. And voila, your problem is solved.

To save you the stress of juggling the different disposable vapes and the risk of buying low-quality disposable vapes, check out our list of the most reliable disposable vapes in 2024. You will wish you had found them earlier.

Buy the Most Reliable Disposable Vapes of 2024

  • Beco Soft

Beco Soft disposable vape

If you are looking to have a memorable vaping experience in 2024, Beco Soft disposable vapes are your best bet. This BecoVape beauty leverages an optimized coil and unique airflow design to deliver a burst of fruity taste and larger vapor. Thus, giving you a truly memorable experience. This outstanding disposable vape is available in the best flavors and also features a stunning 1500mAh battery capable of delivering 6000 puffs.

Packed with 50mg Nic and coming in at 23.5*43.7*76.6mm (size), Beco Soft disposable vape is your go-to if you are looking for a portable and reliable vaping company. This beauty checks the box for premium quality and healthy disposable vapes — which explains why it is listed among the best vape alongside other popular BecoVape top contenders.

  • Beco Beak 4000

Beco Beak 4000 disposable vape

Considering how it is almost impossible to find a reliable and affordable disposable vape online, Beco Beak 4000 has demonstrated its commitment and ability to deliver a pleasurable vaping experience to vapers who don’t compromise quality and functionality.

Beco Beak 4000 features a fantastic proprietary ungrated coil that delivers superior flavor and a thoughtfully designed heating system that guarantees smooth and stable hits. The ergonomic mouthpiece design is a “must-try” for every vaper who relishes comfort. This disposable vape features a 1100mAh battery, 4000 puffs and 10 mouth-watering flavors that are sure to leave an unforgettable first impression and have you asking for more.


Beco Vape is an e-cigarette brand that specializes in premium-quality, healthy disposable vapes with an array of delicious, mouth-watering fruit flavors that will make you feel like you’re kicking it off with a cocktail at the tropics. DISCLAIMER
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