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2021: The recent innovation of vape technology

Nowadays, the invention of technology has advanced and evolved more than ever. In this generation, one of the greatest technological advancements of these times would have to be the discovery of e-cigarette innovation. Always on the lookout to find new ways to make smoking an experience rather than just a habit, many dedicated smokers have found that e-cigarettes are a perfect alternative.

Improved Pod Systems

Recent technological advancements of vaporizing technology have made vape devices more compact and functional than ever. While portable vapes have grown in popularity, many are looking for a more convenient way to evenly vaporize oils and concentrates. The vapes featured here have improved upon traditional e-cigarette technology by utilizing revolutionary pod systems that conserve battery life with every use.

Battery advancement

One of the recent innovations with vape technology is battery advancement, making it much easier to come across smaller devices that provide the same functionality as devices that are much larger in size. Many vapers are looking for a small device that can fit into their pocket or a small case on a belt without too much effort. Miniature vape devices offer the functionality of normal vape units, however, they are designed to be smaller in size and more portable than standard sized products.


The Bluetooth capability will allow you to set your vape’s temperature and time, and it will alert you when it reaches that ideal temperature. It also has a built-in safety feature that allows for auto shut-off after a pre-programmed time. With a variety of beautiful designs to choose from, this slick vape is sure to impress.

Voice Activation

Vape devices innovated with the vaporizer technology which can now be voice-activated. These vaporizers come with several attachments, allowing you to change the battery and open up the cartridge for spices or oils depending on what kind of high you need to get. The cartridge can be changed when it’s empty, in about 20 puffs. All you have to do is hold the activation button for 3 seconds, then say “vape” as loud as you want. This will produce vapor out of the mouthpiece attachment, perfect for getting high on-the-go or in dangerous environments.

Sub-Ohm technology

Sub-ohm vaping is the latest and most exciting innovation that has happened in the world of vaping. Vape technology was originally created for smokers to help them quit or cut down on tobacco products but it has been converted into a much safer alternative to smoking, which is also a lot more customizable for those who wish to enjoy their desired nicotine levels. Sub-ohm vaping has opened up a whole new world of vaping, from simple “mouth to lung” hits which feels like smoking, all the way through to direct “lung hits” or “cloud-chasing”

Vapes have improved a lot now it is capable of providing a better experience to the users, there are new features included in vaping now that makes it more accessible and the best part is that its battery doesn’t heat as fast as before for avoiding any harmful effect. Vape technology is getting bigger and better day by day due to the continuous research made for bringing innovation into this sector.

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