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2024’s Top Four Emerging Trends in the Vaping Field

In recent years, the export of vapes has been exceptionally strong. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs on December 20th, China’s vape exports in the first 11 months of 2023 exceeded 70 billion RMB, and the annual export value is expected to reach 78 billion RMB. As Chinese vape manufacturers continue to expand globally, markets like the USA, UK, Germany, and Russia have become highly competitive ‘red oceans’. This intense competition is driving industry upgrades. So, what trends can we expect in the vape industry in 2024?2024's Top Four Emerging Trends in the Vaping Field

  1. Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Vape Packaging and Casings

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Vape Packaging and Casings

In Europe, environmental concerns have become a significant factor limiting the growth of the disposable vape industry. Governments and consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of vapes. Therefore, for vape brands, advancing disposable vape recycling services and promoting the design and production of eco-friendly vapes are becoming more aligned with the current European market trends.

Currently, many domestic manufacturers like SMOORE and Joyetech have eco-friendly vape solutions. In 2024, as debates over the environmental impact of vapes grow louder in European regions, more manufacturers are expected to follow suit, applying biodegradable materials like PLA and PBAT in vape packaging and casings.


  1. Growth Opportunities for Pod-Changeable and Bottled E-Liquid Vapes

Growth Opportunities for Pod-Changeable and Bottled E-Liquid Vapes

In 2023, disposable vapes, with their low cost, variety of flavors, and convenience, exploded in popularity in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Russia, prompting governments to accelerate regulation. However, the disposable nature of these vapes has raised environmental concerns, leading to criticism from environmentalists.

Particularly in Europe, under the dual pressures of regulation and environmental concerns, many manufacturers have become cautious about disposable vapes and started focusing on pod-changeable vapes, like those from Han Qingda, SKE, and ANYX. In 2024, the market share for pod-changeable vapes in Europe and Russia is expected to grow further.

Additionally, in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, open-system vapes are more popular. In 2023, many domestic giants started to introduce bottled e-liquids in Southeast Asia, and this trend is expected to see significant growth in 2024.


  1. Large-Scale Application of MEMS Integrated Atomizers

2024's Top Four Emerging Trends in the Vaping Field

Atomizers are one of the core components of electronic cigarettes. Currently, the most widely used in e-cigarettes are piezoelectric atomizers, known for their stable mass production and lower costs. However, as the e-cigarette industry evolves technologically and industrially, the drawbacks of piezoelectric atomizers are becoming increasingly apparent. These include poor oil resistance, inconsistency, auto-ignition issues, and limited compatibility with Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

To address these issues, in recent years, numerous companies have been developing MEMS integrated atomizers, which are expected to be applied on a large scale by 2024. Compared to traditional piezoelectric atomizers, MEMS integrated atomizers exhibit superior performance in high-temperature resistance, oil prevention, and volatility control, and they enable high consistency in automated production.

  1. Screen-Embedded Vapes to Gain Popularity in 2024

Screen-Embedded Vapes to Gain Popularity in 2024

Initially, disposable vapes rarely included additional features due to cost and portability concerns. However, in recent years, as the global market becomes more competitive and products more homogenized, any innovative feature can make a product a hit, such as adding a screen that displays oil and battery levels.

Currently, the cost of screen-embedded vapes isn’t much higher than their screenless counterparts, and they significantly enhance the user experience, adding new selling points to the product. In 2023, several brands introduced screen-embedded vapes, which were well-received in some overseas markets. It is expected that in 2024, more brands will consider screen options, possibly with larger and even touch-sensitive screens to enhance user interaction.


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