Did you know that cancer was among the leading causes of death in canines over ten years of age? Fortunately, about fifty percent of all the cancer variants are curable, provided they are diagnosed early. Also, medical science has made it possible for animals suffering from this condition to lead healthier lives, with many cases going into remission.


Good-quality CBD for dogs with cancer is an excellent choice for pet owners looking to add a supplement to ongoing medical therapies. Besides several benefits, it can help your pets deal with chronic pain and constant vomiting.


Pet lovers struggling to cope with cancer news in their canines can refer to the following information to know more about it. These are answers to the most typical questions that people have, helping alleviate some of their worries.


  1. What symptoms should one look for?


Studies on dogs and the cancers they are commonly affected with are underway, helping scientists understand the actual cause and nature of the illness. Unfortunately, this disease is quite common in canines, especially older ones with weaker immune systems.


The most standard variants in dogs are lymphoma, where tumors form in the lymph nodes, and mast cells, wherein these cells form on the skin’s surface. Bone cancer and those of the mammary glands are also pretty common, affecting an alarming number of canines each year.


Fortunately, pets have a good survival chance if the illness is caught early. So, owners must look for signs like sudden lumps or bumps, appetite loss, lethargy, wounds that don’t heal, irritability, and abnormal bleeding.


  1. Are some breeds more susceptible than others?


Generally, the probabilities of it occurring are higher in inbred canines because one cannot tell which traits they inherit. Many people invest in cross breeding because they desire specific qualities in a pet. But there can also be a genetic-environmental combination factor, making it difficult to predict which animal types are likely to get it.


However, some species that usually deal with the disease include Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and Bernese Mountain, to name a few. It is strongly advised that the owners of these variants take their pets for regular cancer screenings as a precautionary step. If they catch the disease early, there are greater chances of survival.


  1. Does CBD help?


Much research and in-depth studies have been conducted on the issue, with many showing promising results that CBD for dogs with cancer indeed helps. The compound can reduce the growth of malignant cells and effectively prevent metastasis, wherein they spread to various parts of the body and inflict damage. The substance can also help pets deal with pain and ongoing nausea, helping them cope with the treatment better.


However, buying the oils from a reputable source is imperative to ensure that they are good quality and safe for your pet. Ideally, look for a retailer with considerable experience in these oils, creating products from home-grown hemp with the help of an expert veterinarian. Lastly, these online retailers generally have a vast catalog of products, enabling you to buy multiple things from the same place.


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