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4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games

The best aspect of vaping is that it doesn’t tie you down to a particular activity. Besides being a holistic lifestyle change, vaping can be ideally clubbed with any activity. The one thing that you can enjoy more with vaping is video games.

Do you have a passion for video games and vaporizers and wonder how you can enjoy them together? Keep reading to learn everything about combining vaping and video games and the best vaporizers to invest in.

What Exactly is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer, also commonly known as a vape, is a tiny and compact device that allows you to inhale the vapor. It comprises a tank, heating coil, mouthpiece, and battery. The vaporizer heats the substance in the tank to produce vapor that you can inhale for medical and recreational reasons. When you power the device, the coil heats the substance in the tank to produce vapor for you to inhale through the mouthpiece. The rechargeable battery will help you enjoy extended vaping sessions any time you want.

Today, the markets offer all kinds of vaporizers, allowing you to vape everything from dry cannabis herb to vape juice and even CBD oil. If you are new to the expansive world of vaping, you can get the best vape brands and start vaping.

Four Best Vaporizers for Gaming?

1. Firefly 2+

While the vaping industry has been continually evolving in the past few years, only a few devices are compatible with both concentrates and flowers. Firefly 2+ not only performs the job but does it well too. It is an improved version of the Firefly 2 vaporizer and improves on the portable convection vaporizer. The vaporizer stands out in terms of flavor by using convective heat. You can reach the vaping temperature within a few seconds, ensuring you don’t have to waste precious moments to vape.

It has a touch sensor that can activate the vaporizer, a glass chamber with glow LED designs that mimics a smoking bowl. The on-demand heating system makes it a hit among vaping enthusiasts, especially gamers.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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2. Davinci IQ2

If you want a portable and dual-use vaporizer, Davinci IQ2 should be your go-to choice. While it is primarily a dry herb vaporizer, you can also use it with concentrates. The device comes with an exterior made of brushed aluminum, giving it an ultra-smooth and sleek look. The IQ2 also features the original IQ vaporizer’s LED display, which shows temperature and other settings.

It is powerful enough to produce clean, dense, and flavorful vapor with hints of terpenes. You can customize your vaping experience with precise temperature and airflow control. Davinci IQ2 enables you to track and report the dose per draw and session.

3. VapCap OmniVap

The VapCap vaporizers are some of the best available in the market today, and OmniVap occupies the top spot. It is a dry herb and resin vaporizer, made entirely from food-safe materials, essentially titanium. OmniVap is perfect for vaping enthusiasts looking for a sturdy, manually heated, and adjustable vaporizer.

You won’t have to charge the device, making you vape anytime and anywhere by plugging it in. A simple candle can help you manually heat the vaporizer within 5-10 seconds, making it ideal for vaping in between your video games. You don’t have to waste time or stop the game for vaping with this unique vaporizer. Even with a simple design, it can produce flavorful vapor. It doesn’t heat the vapor in between hits, which makes it highly efficient.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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4. Apollo 2

The vaporizer brand DynaCap entered the induction heater arena with the new Apollo 2 and has since made vaping sessions highly comfortable and simplified. The Apollo 2 has a very different functioning, and it can work either with a titanium or stainless steel tip. This vaporizer can easily arrive at the required temperature within 5-8 seconds and makes it efficient to use.

You need to plug it in, press the vapcap in the heating chamber until you see the red light turn on, and then wait for a click. The automatic shutoff timer present in it limits the heating time to a maximum of 15 seconds. You can easily balance between vaping and gaming with this vaporizer. Apollo 2 is consistent, affordable, and never runs out of juice. Since it operates on the cooler side, it is ideal for you to want better and stronger flavors from your vaping session.

4 Best Vaporizers To Use While Playing Video Games
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Final Verdict

Gaming is majorly about knowledge, creativity, and quick reflexes. You must make the right move at the right time, or all your efforts and time invested in the game will be for nothing. A vaporizer can help you inhale while also staying focused on the game without the need to pause. Vaping and gaming often go hand-in-hand, enabling you to enjoy both your passions at once. So, get a quality vaporizer and make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.


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