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4 tips to avoid inhaling e-liquid when vaping

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Drawing the e-liquid into mouth is a disaster when vaping. The vape juice tastes bad, it’s bitter & spicy. In order to get rid of this trouble, you need to keep the following 4 tips in mind.


1. Vape with mild strength

Many people are habitually drawing hard when using electronic cigarettes, and they want to experience the strongest atomizing experience. However, pod vape air switches are usually sensitive. Excessive draw leads to incomplete atomizing to the vape juice, then the unvaporized e-liquid runs into your mouth. Therefore, when vaping, you’d better not to draw too heavily.


2. Try to make the atomizing process longer

The e-liquid needs to be fully atomized before being drawn into the mouth. Therefore, when you’re vaping, it is best to take as long as possible to ensure that the e-liquid completely atomized in the atomization cabin, so as to avoid incompletely atomized e-liquid being sucked into the mouth.


3. Don’t put the pod system upside down

Because pod system/starter kit do not produce burning smoke, many vapers do not pay attention to the vaping posture during the use. So that the device is often left in an inverted state for a long time during the vaping process, which causes the e-liquid to flow into the mouth due to gravity.

And we recommend you do not leave the device in an inverted state during the vaping process. Otherwise, you will not only drink the e-liquid, but may also cause the atomizer to dry burn and break the heating core due to improper use, which will affect the life of the electronic cigarette!


4. Avoid low battery use

A pod vape is approximately equal to the capacity of two packs of cigarettes. It generates 300-400 puffs, which is more durable than ordinary cigarettes. In addition, e-cigarettes are battery-equipped products and have a longer service life. In this way, many vapers will often forget to charge the electronic cigarette, so that the electronic cigarette runs at a low voltage frequently; if the electronic cigarette is used at a low voltage, the vapers will also draw e-liquid into mouth for insufficient heating process. Therefore, avoid the use of electronic cigarettes in a low battery state.



If you want to avoid inhaling e-liquid during the use of electronic cigarettes, you must try to follow the above 4 tips.


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