5 Things You Need To Know About Cannabis Terpenes

Introducing Cannabis Terpenes – the aromatic molecules that give marijuana its distinctive aroma and flavor! Terpenes are essential components of cannabis and are responsible for a wide range of therapeutic benefits. When combined with other cannabinoids, including THC or CBD, they can create an entourage effect which increases or decreases potency depending on the combination used. Understanding about terpenes is key to getting the most out of your marijuana experience.


In this article we will explore what terpenes are, how they work, the different types found in each strain, as well as their various medicinal benefits. So let’s dive in and get to know more about cannabis terpenes! 


1. Why Are Cannabis Terpenes Important?


Complex fragrant compounds known as cannabis terpenes are released by the resin glands of marijuana plants. These oils are in charge of giving cannabis its distinct and recognized aroma, as well as its flavor and therapeutic effects.


Terpenes have an entourage effect with cannabinoids like THC and CBD that can either raise or decrease the potency of specific cannabis constituents. The therapeutic effects of various terpene types, such as their analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities, also vary.


2. Where Do They Come From? 


Cannabis terpenes are found in the trichomes of the cannabis plant and are known as essential oils that give each strain its unique aroma and flavor. These aromatic molecules can be extracted from the plant either through steam distillation, cold-pressing, or various other processes. 


As cannabis plants vary in their genetics, each strain will have a slightly different terpene profile which is what gives it its distinctive smell, taste, and effects on the body. By understanding these differences you can better identify what type of experience to expect from each plant.  


In general, all cannabis plants will contain at least some amount of terpenes while certain strains may have higher concentrations of certain types. There are several exotic strains from Stiiizy, so you can get the perfect strain for your needs. 


3. How Do They Work? 


Cannabis terpenes are responsible for giving marijuana its unique range of aromas, flavors and effects on the body. These molecules interact with other compounds in cannabis to produce an “entourage effect” that can enhance or reduce the potency of certain components. 


This entourage effect creates a synergy between the various components in marijuana which can potentially increase its potency and provide additional medicinal benefits. It’s important to note however that not all terpenes are created equal, as some may work better together than others depending on their individual properties. 


Understanding these interactions is essential in getting the most out of your cannabis experience – knowing about cannabis terpenes and how they work can help you get a better idea of the effects to expect from each strain.


4. What Are The Different Types? 


When it comes to cannabis, there are over 200 known terpenes that have been identified in marijuana plants and each one has its own distinct aromatic and flavor profile. 


Myrcene is often what gives marijuana its earthy and spicy notes, while pinene provides some piney and woodsy undertones – but these are just two of many! 


Limonene can add a bright citrus note, while linalool is often used to give off floral and citrus-like aromas.


Finally, caryophyllene is known for bringing out peppery tones. While each terpene has different effects on the body when consumed individually, they can also work together to create an entourage effect that will give the user a unique experience.


5. What Are The Benefits Of Using Cannabis Terpenes?


Cannabis terpenes have many therapeutic benefits, ranging from anxiety relief to anti-inflammatory properties, which can make them incredibly useful when used in conjunction with other compounds like cannabinoids. 


They are commonly used as additives to cannabis products such as oils, capsules, edibles, tinctures and topicals to enhance aroma and flavor profiles since terpenes are highly volatile and easily evaporate. 


Additionally, terpenes can influence the effects of cannabis by creating an entourage effect – a synergy between various compounds in marijuana which can potentially increase its potency and provide additional medicinal benefits. Ultimately, understanding cannabis terpenes is important for anyone looking to get the most out of their marijuana experience.


In Conclusion 


Cannabis terpenes are fascinating molecules that give marijuana its unique flavor and aroma. They have the potential to interact with other compounds in the plant, creating an entourage effect that can deliver a range of therapeutic benefits. Understanding cannabis terpenes is key if you want to get the most out of your marijuana experience – whether it’s for medical or recreational use. By recognizing the different types of terpenes found within each strain, you can better anticipate what effects to expect from that particular plant. 

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