500 vape brands show up at Vaper Expo UK 2023

The Vaper Expo UK 2023, the largest and most influential vape exhibition in the UK, has become a hot topic in the industry. And over 500 vape brands show up at the Vaper Expo UK 2023.

According to information released today on The Vaper Expo UK 2023 official website, the exhibition will last for three days, with more than 300 exhibitors and over 500 participating brands, including no less than 100 Chinese vape brands. This “vapor festival” features a strong lineup of brands, with more brands than actual companies, highlighting the power of brand globalization in the vape industry.

Many Chinese vape brands are exhibiting at the event in Birmingham, and local UK distributors are also participating. For example, a local distributor called VAPE LOCAL, which supplies large chain supermarkets TESCO and SAINT’S BURY, is advertising the vape brands they distribute, such as LOST MARY, ELUX, IVG, and RELX. It is reported that these exhibitors are also seeking more factory partnerships to prevent losses in category orders caused by the removal of certain brands due to exceeding UK e-liquid standards.

Various innovative vape devices and e-liquids are on display at the event. JNR, for example, has several unique and eye-catching designs, such as an “illuminating” rechargeable vape that glows in the dark and has a transparent and unique design.

Smoore, VOOPOO,ALD also released new technology at the event. VOOPOO, for example, developed the world’s first new dual environmentally-friendly disposable vape solution, named the “Cyclo” series, which combines the concepts of detachable and biodegradable. ALD released the Fresor new tech. Smoore released the most optimal disposable technology solution under compliance conditions, upgrading heating technology, electronic control technology, and appearance design to bring users a more extreme disposable experience.


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