A Billion Lives has unveiled the unknown side of e-cigarettes

Today I will introduce a movie to you, and its name is A Billion Lives. This is the first movie about e-cigarettes/vape in the world, it is also a documentary film and won many awards. So I firmly introduce to you guys all!

1 Prophecy

The documentary film shows that there will be a billion people died of smoking according to WHO.

The film director and producer, Aaron Bibert, has visited four continents, interviewed the doctors, scientists, technical experts and policymakers of the major international health organizations, and answered questions about the safety and health of electronic cigarettes.

The independent film aims to emphasize that tobacco substitutes can save lives.

The film published notable results recently, which mentioned that e-cigarettes and steam products are 95% safer than smoking and could reduce about 21% of the deaths associated with smoking.


2 Real Murderer

Bibert, the director of the film, became an advocate of “smokers’ choice” after witnessing his friend died of lung cancer. The movie also shows that nicotine is not a killer, tar and burning tobacco are real murderers, and e-cigarettes can help people to replace and control smoking.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, also non burning, but pharmaceutical enterprises, anti-smoking groups, tobacco enterprises and even the government authority accuse it as a rumor and take excessive regulatory measures to ban e-cigarettes worldwide.


3 The truth

Why do so many operations and organizations take various measures to suppress and prohibit e-cigarettes?

Take China as an example.

The famous Chinese brand cigarettes pay more than 120 billion yuan a year.

In contrast, HUAWEI, the highest paid high-tech private enterprise in China, paid 33 billion 700 million yuan in 2015, accounting for less than 1/3 of Chinese cigarettes.

This is just a brand of cigarettes, if we count them all together, the annual tax trillions of “painless” fund-raising is a fairly generous source of fiscal revenue.

Internationally, tobacco trade is dominated by several major Security Council countries.

Because of climate reasons, Russia’s local tobacco production is not high and quality is not so good, because large quantities of tobacco can only be imported.

4 Are you the one in 1 billion?

At the beginning of the film, it says ‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered;the point is to discover them.’

Truth is to be discovered, but it takes plenty of insight and knowledge to discover a lie. It takes a lot of guts and courage to fight with a lie.

Truth is often naked, but lies wear gorgeous clothes with a lot of bewilderment.

Have you been confused the direction when smoking?

How much is the ‘a billion lives’?

I calculate approximately: If we hand in hand, it can circle the earth 40 times.


Director Bibert said: “Not every film maker has the opportunity to tell people a story which can save hundreds of millions of lives.

A Billion Lives is such an opportunity. We will not waste this opportunity.


We will do our utmost to allow this movie to influence all generations and let hundreds of millions of smokers put their cigarettes down. ”


Vape / e-cigarettes have the same expectation as Bibert.


Every one of these millions people can keep their health in the right manner.

The movie trailer


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