Vapor by e-cig boosts primary bronchial epithelial necrosis and cell apoptosis

A new study from the Medical College of Adelaide University in Australia shows that flavored electronic cigarettes kill lung cells.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide Medical School exposed bronchial epithelial cells to e-cig vapor and tested different brands of flavored electronic cigarette with the same taste.

It has been found that the vapor increases primary bronchial epithelial necrosis and cell apoptosis, killing respiratory cells and affecting immune cells even without nicotine.

The team’s next step is to identify specific chemicals that cause harm.

Recently, the United States also announced a ban on the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes. The CDC says the number of e-cigarette-related lung diseases has surged from May to June this year, with more than 500 cases in 33 states, resulting in at least eight deaths. Serious lung diseases related to electronic cigarettes are being actively investigated and the public is urged to avoid using electronic cigarettes during the investigation period.

New Zealand’s Director of Health also said recently that the government is working on a bill to restrict flavored e-cigarettes such as tobacco and menthol.

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