Is the bad news that e-cigarettes are harmful to health true?


I’m using e-cigarettes recently. Today,I watch TV news that “the United States has stopped selling e-cigarettes, and domestic sales are still hot”. It means that the e-cigarettes contain carcinogenic ingredients. Looking at the Internet, there are also much negative news about e-cigarettes. I don’t know if it is a malicious attack by the traditional cigarette manufacturer or if it’s true. I hope the majority of internet users to give me authoritative answers.

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I work on foreign trade, and exports often, especially to the United States. I exported the e-cigarette recently, so I have done a thorough understanding of e-cigarettes, both  in domestic and abroad market.
Let me tell you about the cause and effect. Just last year, the United States did prohibit e-cigarettes, but due to the collective appeal of the Electronic Cigarette Association, the United States finally lifted the ban. However, the United States doesn’t recommend electronic cigarettes at present because the reason is very simple. This involves the interests of the traditional tobacco industry.

Whether the E-cigarettes is good or bad, you can think like this. Generally speaking, people who attacks electronic cigarettes is saying that it has nicotine, and if people understand nicotine in a little bit, they know that nicotine is not carcinogenic. As long as the amount is proper, it is absolutely not harmful, and the nicotine content of vape is very small when vape one mouth by ono mouth. So people can’t be poisoned by nicotine.And if you look at cigarettes again, the real harm to cigarettes is the tar and carbon monoxide and these carcinogens produced by tobacco combustion.

Therefore, people who attack electronic cigarettes have nicotine harming human health. This is totally untrue. And if you know more about it, there are almost all nicotine in smoking cessation products, such as smoking chewing gum and smoking cessation stickers. Both contain nicotine. This is because the most common method of quitting smoking in the world is nicotine replacement therapy. And why do other smoking cessation products have nicotine, why not be exaggerated? Because the success rate of smoking cessation products for those smoking cessation products is indeed very low, only e-cigarettes have the exact smoking cessation effect. This is why the tobacco industry is so nervous. Now foreign electronic cigarette vendors are using facts to speak, they track the use of customers and statistics.

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Finally we come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes are indeed of very high success rates for smoking cessation. So in foreign countries,e-cigarettes have a very large number of people who are very much in favor of e-cigarettes. At this time, the government wants to ban but is powerless. Let’s give you an e-cigarette history. E-cigarettes were all invented by China and should have been invented in 2004.
In 2006, it began to be commercialized. At that time, a certain brand of electronic cigarette was advertised on a certain TV station in Shanghai. This was the first time that the electronic cigarette met with the public. It caused a great sensation at that time. Because people thought that nicotine was a highly toxic substance at the time, they didn’t understand nicotine at all. After the e-cigarette’s temporary sales were booming, it stopped short. Moreover, the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency conducted a sample survey of e-cigarettes. At the time of 2007, it was explicitly stated that nicotine inhalers weren’t included in the supervision of medical devices. It shows that e-cigarettes are not drugs, which also gives e-cigarettes a chance for rebirth.

As people get to know nicotine. And electronic cigarettes have also been changed to introduce zero concentration vape cartridges, which are e-cigarettes that don’t contain nicotine. E-cigarettes have gradually emerged in Shenzhen. And to the export, and constantly updates its technology.

Now the most advanced and best quality electronic cigarette are produced in Shenzhen. And in the past two years, e-cigarettes have welcomed the climax of e-cigarette development. As of 2008 and 2009, electronic cigarette exports were very hot. There was a time when dealers lined up at manufacturers to pick up goods. Many times are rich and can not mention goods, and some foreign customers are also buying electronic cigarettes.

At that time, as long as the vape can produce smoke, they are sold out shortly, and many countries have also developed into specialized electronic cigarette retail stores in these two years. Some friends will certainly ask. Is e-cigarette not banned by many countries? This is indeed true. E-cigarettes have indeed been banned in certain countries, but why don’t you investigate them carefully? Many of the bans were implicated, and many countries banned cigarettes. By the way, electronic cigarettes were also banned. For example, Turkey is like this. They just banned cigarettes. Smoking is illegal, just like anti-drug.

A Billion Lives has unveiled the unknown side of e-cigarettes


No, it's not true. It's slender from the traditional tobacco and cigarette enterprises.

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5 years ago

Nice read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he just bought me lunch as I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” by Epictetus.

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