ALD Group Limited Launched Futuristic Automated Production Line

On June 17th, 2019, ALD Group Limited, a pioneering enterprise in research and application of vaping technology, announced the launch of new automated production line. This new line was started planning in June of last year, taking 8 months in improvement.

ALD Group Limited Launched Futuristic Automated Production Line

It’s said that the new line is leading in automated production, possessing the most advanced automated equipment in the industry. It will not only reduce the labor cost but also raise the production efficiency by over 50%.

“With rich experience in the first automated production line, we will develop another automated production line that will be completed in September of this year. At that time, our monthly vaporizer production capacity will be up to 30,000,000pcs, which is as twice as that of last year.” said Ken, production director of ALD.

ALD Group Limited Launched Futuristic Automated Production Line

However, most of e-cigarette is made manually, which not only brings about low efficiency but also leads to poor consistency and stability.

With the further development of the industry, the minority excellent enterprises occupy the biggest market share. The sharp increase in orders enables possibility of automated production. Meanwhile, automated production becomes the top priority of the e-cigarette company in reducing labor cost and improving quality.

ALD Group Limited, one of the few distinguished e-cigarette enterprises, has been staying focused on continuous R&D and innovation ever since its establishment. Taking the lead in automated production, ALD will pioneer the industry to an automated future and promote the expansion of e-cigarette market.

ALD Group Limited Launched Futuristic Automated Production Line

About ALD

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).

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ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders. DISCLAIMER
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