ALD Secures Manufacturing License of E-cigarette in China

On July 21th, ALD Group Limited obtained Manufacturing License of E-cigarette in China issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA). And ALD is honored to become one of the earliest vape-industry enterprises to get the license.

ALD Obtained Manufacturing License of E-cigarette in China

In March this year, the STMA passed the “Electronic Cigarette Management Measures” on its official website. According to the Measures, electronic atomization enterprises must obtain a Manufacturing License of E-cigarette in China.

After getting this information, ALD immediately established the project team led by the president Eric to make full preparation for applying for the production license. With the hard work of internal personnel, ALD passed all the procedures and requirements. They are listed among the first vape-industry enterprises to get the license, which shows their leading status and powerful strength in the vape industry.

The “Electronic Cigarette Management Measures” is an industry regulation formulated by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA), aiming to further strengthen the regulation of electronic cigarettes and standardize the market discipline. After securing this manufacturing license, ALD company’s production and operation will be protected and safeguarded under its relevant policies and regulations. At the same time, they will also strictly comply with the Measures, so that their production and operation activities will always meet the requirements.


ALD is a leading vape manufacturer with a diverse line of products to satisfy all consumer needs. They provide the best disposable vapes, pod systems, vape pens for e-liquid manufacturers, oil brands, enterprise companies and wholesalers, as well as market-leading wholesale vaporizer batteries.

If you find this information helpful or valuable, please contact ALD for a quote or more about ALD disposable vapes, vaporizer pens, pods, and other products.

For more information, welcome to visit and contact Tel: (+86)-0755-29271296, Mail: [email protected].


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