ALD Boom Max review: a disposable that makes you just can’t stop

ALD Boom Max blueberry flavor
ALD Boom Max red bull flavor
ALD Boom Max banana flavor
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Highly Recommended

ALD Boom Max comes with very good taste, high-end e-liquid, strong vaping performance, middle-upper level vapor amount, large puff number, and consistent vaping experience. It makes vaping very enjoyable and it would be a dream disposable for most vapers.

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We’ve tested many vapes from ALD, and many of them are great. Then which one is the best? It’s ALD Boom Max without a doubt after our test this week. This vape comes with magic that makes you just can’t stop vaping! The taste is superb.

ALD Boom Max try out

The sticks we got look not as stylish as the one from the ALD official picture, it’s made of common plastics overall.  While you can see the beautiful glass-like surface of the device from their official site. The one I got is a business style not a fancy style.

Why the look is different? Because ALD is a factory that can customize everything in the pod including the surface, appearance, shape, battery, e-liquid and its filling method. That’s the advantage of a factory, they decide the product features much easier than brands.

Thanks to the very high-end quality vape juice used in this Boom Max, it tastes fantastic. High-quality e-juice matching with a reliable and optimized device Boom Max makes vaping a huge joy.

The blueberry flavor is made with blueberries picked at their peak ripeness, so you know the flavor is on point. Light, smooth, pure, sweet and full of fruit fragrance. Not greasy at all.Nothing too fancy with this flavor, just a typical blueberry taste, but this one is a lot more brilliant. There are some traces of alcohol making it even a little intoxicating. Nice and appropriate nicotine strength at around 3%. It brings a good buzz and I’m kind of dizzy when vaping frequently.

The red bull flavor is another one we like, it’s as good as the blueberry flavor, together with the banana ice flavor. The red bull flavor is almost 90% like drinking the red bull drink, and the banana flavor with some ice in it is good for summer leisure time.

Rechargeable type C design compensates for the 400 mAh small battery well.  Charge it once every two or three days when vaping frequently.

Small in size, and easy to put in a pocket.

ALD Boom Max specifications/ parameters

Battery Capacity: 400mAh
E liquid Capacity: 8 mL
Coil Resistance: 1.0Ω
Output: 11.5W
Vape coil: mesh coil
Product size: 30 x 28.3 x 94.3 mm
Charging: type-c
Mouthpiece material: Double PCTG
Control Method: Draw-activated
Oil filing: Prefilled / local filling


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