ALD won the patent protection lawsuit

Recently, during the process of cleaning up and rectifying offline infringements, ALD found that a company had a weak awareness of intellectual property rights, flagrantly challenged national laws, took risks in order to obtain illegal benefits, openly infringed ALD company’s AC1806 design patent, and pushed a large number of counterfeit and inferior illegal products to the market. And it has seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of the company, customers and consumers.

ALD won the patent protection lawsuit
In response to this serious violation of law, ALD formally filed a patent infringement lawsuit with the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in May 2019. The specific judgment was finally obtained at the end of August 2020 as follows: First, the defendant was required to immediately stop infringing on our company’s ZL201730134025.5 product design patent, including immediately stopping manufacturing, selling, and promising to sell infringing products, and destroying inventory of infringing products And special molds for manufacturing infringing products; second, the defendant compensated ALD company for economic losses and related expenses incurred in investigating and stopping infringement.

ALD won the patent protection lawsuit

Infringements of patents and copyrights and other violations of law and discipline are common occurrences. In the market of chaotic industries, many unscrupulous merchants are seeking their own gain, and they do not hesitate to speculate and try the law to steal the knowledge and labor of others and use them for profit. This is a serious despicable behavior. It jeopardizes the maximization of the interests of the victims, disrupts the normal maintenance of market order, and violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. With the introduction and improvement of relevant policies and measures, further clarify and optimize the business environment, increase the protection of intellectual property rights, and improve the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises.

ALD won the patent protection lawsuit
State Council Policy

Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd., as an ingenious and practical enterprise in the field of electronic atomization, is driven by R&D and innovation. Over the years, ALD has been focusing on product R&D and technological innovation, and its annual R&D investment accounts for more than 10% of total revenue, providing a strong guarantee for customers to tailor high-quality high-end products. While independent innovation and research and development, ALD focuses on building the patent “moat”, applying for more than 100 patents every year, and has more than 300 core patents related to the industry at home and abroad, which provides market competitive advantage, brand effect and profit space for itself and its customers.

ALD won the patent protection lawsuit

Enterprises must be honest and law-abiding, abide ethics and principles. Therefore, ALD sincerely hope that peers in the industry will work together, catch up with ALD in technological upgrading, jointly enhance the competitiveness of products, and contribute to the development of the industry. Here, ALD solemnly declares once again that for any acts that infringe the company’s intellectual property rights such as production, sales, publicity, and sales promises, it will use legal weapons reasonably, and will strictly punish them, and legally protect the rights and interests of customers and themselves at all costs .

In order to protect the results of research and development, ALD will not hesitate to fight counterfeit. In the future, let’s jointly create an industry atmosphere of fair competition, innovation and openness, and strive to achieve the great goals of the industry!


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