ammo signed 30 agents in a week in China

Economic recovers, industry thrives, “Double 11” shopping festival continuously sets new records. As of 0:00 on November 12, the final trading volume of Tmall Double Eleven shopping festival in 2020 reached 498.2 billion yuan, an increase of 85.62% from last year’s 268.4 billion yuan. This year’s Double Eleven has a strong start, which may bode well for the Chinese economy. It further proves that consumer spending, which has fallen behind in the economic recovery so far, is increasing.

In the e-cigarette industry that began to focus on “shifting” to offline last year, there are also some brands gaining momentum, and the road to offline layout is in full swing. It is understood that in the past week of “Double 11”, the well-known China e-cigarette brand ammo signed nearly 30 city agents within five days.

From the launch of ammo’s e-cigarette in the popular market in 2019, to the launch of the “Angel Guardian Program” to protect the rights and interests of minors’ healthy growth, as a typical “pragmatist” in the e-cigarette industry, ammo has always put the “product power” and “Sense of responsibility” comes first.

In the second half of 2020, ammo carried out a number of big moves: July 6 announced the acquisition of NOS electronic cigarettes; July 30, announced the acquisition of the electronic cigarette business of the international pipe brand SAVINELLI; August 21, at the IECIE exhibition Ammo’s first new product launch conference in 2020 was held on site. In September, following the acquisition of SAVINELLI and NOS, ammo launched a multi-brand collection franchise store. Within two months, ammo has opened up nearly 100 multi-brand collection stores across the country.

Compliance and the laying of offline channels have become commonplace but have to talk about e-cigarette brands that have attracted attention from the outside world. The rapid pace of ammo’s offline store layout is inseparable from ammo’s investment promotion policies, store subsidies and support. Ammo has been on the market for three months, and it took only 256 hours to recruit a total of 31 provincial agents in China and Southeast Asia, covering 26 provinces and cities including Taiwan and 4 countries in Southeast Asia. NOS was launched within one week, recruited 19 city agents within 160 hours, and quickly opened a dozen offline stores across the country.

Recently, the ammo brand has been improved and supplemented in terms of franchising brand methods, store locations, store scales and operating strategies, and has also been inclined in terms of support policies and subsidies. It is understood that ammo will focus on offline stores next. From a single brand to three brands, ammo stores will gain greater benefits and support. For store owners, they will have a chance to survive if they can make rapid and sustained profits. .

According to the agent of a prefecture-level city of ammo, in the past October, the daily sales of a single store can reach 3,000 yuan, and the monthly sales can reach 90,000 yuan. The shopkeeper calculated an account for us, excluding the rent cost, personnel cost, and the cost of goods. A single store makes at least 40,000 yuan per month. Coupled with the official subsidy of ammo, it is impossible to lose money. Choosing the right product, store and address is a matter of making more money.

As a typical “doer” in the e-cigarette industry, ammo started its offline layout as early as last year. In May of this year, the monthly sales of ammo cartridges jumped to the second in the industry and maintained an average monthly opening of 60 stores speed. Opening stores across the country, covering hundreds of second and third-tier cities across the country, nearly 1,000 outlets.

The person in charge of the ammo market said: Offline channels are the focus of ammo in 2020 and the direction of development in the next three years. It strives to realize the “Thousand Cities and Ten Thousand Stores” plan in 2021, and different subsidy policies will be introduced in different stages according to market conditions, to help ammo store owners profit.

ammo signed 30 agents in a week in China

It is reported that in November, ammo launched a welfare season in offline stores. In addition to the discounts on Double Eleven, on November 19, ammo stores will also launch an “empty cartridge recycling” activity, which is environmentally friendly while giving customers benefits.



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