ammo vape won the Top Ten Influential Brands on Sales Channel in 2020 award

On January 5th, China’s offline sales channel city investment conference for e-cigarettes (Shenzhen Station)-and the “Vape New Force” e-cigarette industry’s 2020 fashion ceremony was held in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Ammo e-cigarettes are the leading e-cigarettes in China, as one of the brands invited to participate in this event. With its outstanding industry influence, steady growth rate and excellent product comprehensive strength, ammo e-cigarette won the honorary title of “Top Ten Influential Brands of Sales Channel in 2020”, together with famous brands such as RELX, YOOZ, and MOTI.

At the event site, the most representative leaders and entrepreneurial leaders in the electronic atomization industry made their appearances. Fan Jingyu, chairman of ammo e-cigarette industry, attended the 2020 fashion ceremony of the e-cigarette industry and shared important themes. As one of the leaders in the blockbuster acquisition of “ammo’s acquisition of Safin e-cigarettes and NOS e-cigarettes” in 2020, Fan Jingyu has a strong awareness and control over brand establishment and industry development. In two or three years, working with ammo CEO Atletico Madrid to lead the ammo brand from obscurity to an industry leader.

Fan Jingyu said: “The e-cigarette industry is beautiful and cannot be summarized. If we put this time node in the e-cigarette industry’s long-term development, the current e-cigarette industry is still in the early stage of development. Practitioners still have a lot to do, and ammo will definitely do a lot in 2021.”

Fan Jingyu introduced the development history of ammo’s “exploration, transformation, sublimation and explosion” from 2017 to the present. Fan Jingyu said: “ammo has gone through detours in the past, so now he has explored his own exclusive “brand methodology”. Is it more experienced in marketing sales channel or in product design, and knows what products the market needs and what products consumers like”.

In Fan Jingyu’s view, the core element of an electronic atomizer is e-liquid, and the main components of e-liquid are nicotine and fragrance. The real situation is that the biggest feeling of consumers smoking e-cigarettes actually comes from spices. The health and quality of the spices are the biggest factors that directly affect the e-liquid. As the powerful background behind ammo’s electronic cigarettes, China Boton Group, the first Hong Kong listed company in China’s flavors and fragrances industry, has strict control over fragrances and natural advantages in the design and manufacturing process, which provides the birth of each of ammo’s explosive products. may. It is understood that in 3 months after the launch of ammo, it broke through the monthly sales mark of 20 million.

Since its establishment for many years, ammo has always regarded product strength as the life and death line of the brand. In order to bring consumers a high-quality product experience, ammo pays special attention to product quality. Not only does ammo have a CNAS-certified smoke oil testing laboratory, but also the first to establish a “100 people The “Quality Inspection” supervision process supervises product quality in a comprehensive and multi-angle manner. Each batch of products must undergo 5 rounds of random inspections and 3 rounds of internal testing to meet consumers.

Boton ammo CNAS laboratory

In recent years, based on the analysis of consumption status and the exploration of consumption trends, ammo e-cigarettes have developed a variety of product creative systems suitable for current smokers. In July 2020, ammo successively acquired the Italian century-old pipe brand Safin e-cigarette business and NOS e-cigarette business, taking the lead in opening a multi-brand operation model in the industry, with multiple brands of “ammo, safin, NOS”, multiple positioning, To broaden the offline sales channel with a variety of products, while expanding the brand market in the form of multi-brand collection stores, it also meets the product needs of more consumer groups. It is understood that as of December 2020, ammo has exceeded 1,000 offline stores and outlets nationwide.

The big boat has heavy responsibilities, and the horse Jun rides far. For the e-cigarette industry, 2021 is full of opportunities. All brands are gearing up, ready to go, ready to “roll up their sleeves and do a big job.” As an “honest person” in the industry, ammo is well aware of the truth that “a journey of a thousand miles begins at the moment”. The exploration and precipitation in the past three years has given ammo the brand strength of “accumulation and development”.

Chairman of ammo: Fan Jingyu

According to Fan Jingyu, chairman of ammo, in 2021, ammo will have more new products, new colors and new flavors on the market. Combining the different plans of the three brands, it is expected that more than 20 new products will meet with consumers. It will also continue to leverage its taste advantages, launch new flavors with a monthly average of 3 new flavors, and complete ammo’s “Life Hundred Tastes Plan” in 2021.

The picture above shows the two new gradient-color products “Iceland Aurora” and “Glass Bead Red” launched by ammo at the end of 2020 and early 2021. Once the new products are launched in the hot market, during the New Year’s Day, many offline stores of ammo are in short supply.

At the end of the sharing, Fan Jingyu said: “For each of us e-cigarette practitioners, we must guard the bottom line of the industry in order to go long-term. We cannot take responsibility as a burden, but as our supreme glory.” Understand that in 2021, ammo will comprehensively upgrade the “Angel Guardian Program” of offline stores, using digital technology and strengthening personnel supervision to guard the market order.

According to the Beijing News Think Tank, despite the influence of regulatory policies in recent years, the growth rate of the e-cigarette market in various countries is not as significant as the previous period, but it still maintains a good growth trend. E-cigarettes are still the mainstream global development trend in the future, in line with the needs of sustainable development of society. With the improvement of the domestic economy, the development of Chinese e-cigarette companies will also usher in special opportunities. The accumulated ammo is bound to have new development in 2021. The breakthrough, as Fan Jingyu said, 2021, has just begun.


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