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ANTY EXPO 2024: The Premier Gateway to the Asian Vaping Market

From September 6-8, 2024, the Malaysia International Convention and Exhibition Center will host the ANTY EXPO (Asian International New Tobacco Exhibition). This event differs from traditional e-cigarette exhibitions by encompassing a broader spectrum of new tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, HNBs (Heat-Not-Burn tobacco products), oral tobacco, open systems, e-hookahs, herbal series, and CBD devices. The expo aims to serve as a comprehensive platform for brands and manufacturers from the global market.

Experienced Organizers and Global Participation

The event is organized by the Chiyang Exhibition Team, which consists of members with over a decade of experience from leading global exhibition companies. ANTY EXPO boasts a robust database of professional attendees and expects to draw buyers from over 120 countries, encompassing wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and more. Notable participants include Demand Vape, Worldwide Vape, SE Imports, Unishow, Midwest Goods, Vapor Maven, Mi-pod, Chubby Gorilla, Triple Wholesale, Sky Wholesale, BLVK, VGOD, Naked100, and Zolt.

Industry-Wide Involvement and Supply Chain Integration

The expo will also invite companies from across the e-cigarette supply chain, including those specializing in e-liquids, flavorings, wicking materials, heating elements, microphones, batteries, and logistics services. With China as a backdrop, providing over 95% of the global production capacity for vaping products, ANTY EXPO seeks to facilitate better communication and business opportunities between supply chain enterprises and e-cigarette manufacturers.

The Malaysian Market and Southeast Asia’s Potential

Malaysia, recognized as China’s sixth largest e-cigarette export market in 2023, along with other Southeast Asian nations like the Philippines and Indonesia, shows significant market potential. These countries are experiencing strong growth in the e-cigarette sector, with an increasing number of smokers turning to vaping as an alternative. This trend is also beginning to take root in other countries in the region, such as Thailand and Vietnam, which are opening up their regulated markets.

Reasons to Attend ANTY EXPO

For industry professionals, ANTY EXPO offers an opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends within the new tobacco sector and to network with key industry players from around the world. The event is positioned as a pivotal platform for brands looking to expand their presence in the Asian market and beyond.

Conclusion: A Platform for Future Trends

ANTY EXPO 2024 presents itself as an essential event for those interested in the evolving landscape of the vaping and new tobacco industry. By attending, participants can explore new products, meet potential partners, and stay abreast of industry developments. The event promises to be a significant gathering for those looking to understand the future directions of the market.


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