ANYX PRO Review: A Sleek, Dual-Mode Vaping Experience for Every Vaper

Design and Build Quality (Ergonomic, Comfortable, Sleek, Refined Look)
User-Friendliness (Simple Pod Mechanism, Easy Power Mode Switch)
Portability (Compact, Lightweight)
Battery Life (Decent for Size, but Frequent Charging for Heavy Users)
Charging Efficiency (Quick, Type-C Charging)
Vapor Quality and Experience (Turbo and Normal Modes, Consistent Quality)
Innovative Features (LED Indicator, Dual Power Mode)
Versatility with Pods (Prefilled and Refillable Options)
Visibility of E-liquid Level (Challenge in Some Pods)
Overall Vaping Experience (Balance of Performance and Convenience)

ANYX PRO is ideal for vapers seeking a sleek, user-friendly device with innovative features, good portability, versatile pod options, and a satisfying vaping experience. Perfect for both new and seasoned users.

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Hey there, vape enthusiasts! I’m diving into something pretty exciting today – my very first review of an ANYX vape product. If you haven’t heard of ANYX yet, don’t sweat it, you’re not alone. But if you’re into vaping, you’ve definitely heard of Aspire, right? Well, ANYX is the new kid on the block, fresh out of the Aspire family. Check out more about their launch here. With the backing of Aspire’s years of expertise and a solid rep in the industry, I’ve got high hopes that ANYX knows what we vapers are looking for. And today, it’s all about the ANYX PRO. Let’s get into it!

ANYX PRO review

About ANYX

So, what’s the deal with ANYX? These guys aren’t just another name in the vape game. They’re all about being user-driven, which means they really listen to what we want and need. Think of them as the cool, approachable brand that’s got both our backs and our tastes in mind. They’ve got a team of over 120 engineers, constantly cooking up new ideas in their R&D kitchen. And get this – they’re proud owners of more than 2300 industry patents. Talk about impressive! Their production lines spread across three bases, and they’re not messing around when it comes to quality standards. They’re ticking boxes with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, GMP, and more. They’re the full package – strong R&D, top-notch production, and a keen eye on what makes a great vaping experience.

ANYX PRO Specifications

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s lay out the specs of the ANYX PRO. It’s always good to know what you’re dealing with:

Specification Details
Dimension (with pod) 116.46(L) x 18.8(W) x 12.8(D) mm
Dimension (w/o pod) 92.2(L) x 18.8(W) x 12.8(D) mm
Dual Power 7.8W / 11.5W
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Prefilled Pod 2.0ml (sold separately)
Coil Resistance 1.0 ohm
Charging Current 500mA
Charging Port Type-C

Now, onto my thoughts on these specs. The size is pretty sleek – compact enough for easy carrying but not too tiny to fiddle with. The dual power option is neat, giving you some flexibility depending on your vape style. A 400mAh battery is decent for a device this size, though heavy vapers might need to keep that charger handy. And speaking of charging, Type-C means quicker and more efficient power-ups. The prefilled 2.0ml pod is a standard affair, but it’s the coil resistance that catches my eye. At 1.0 ohm, we’re looking at a nice balance for flavor and cloud production.

ANYX PRO review

Product Features and Highlights

Now, let’s talk about what sets the ANYX PRO apart from the crowd. First off, the design is sleek and unassuming – it’s got a classic vibe that doesn’t scream for attention but definitely has a refined look. It’s lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping.

One of my favorite features has to be its simplicity. There are no buttons – this kit is all about the pod. Just pop it in and you’re ready to roll. The dual power mode can be toggled by quickly removing and replacing the pod three times, a clever touch that keeps things streamlined.

But here’s the kicker – the LED indicator. It’s not just your average light; this LED extends in length as you inhale. It’s a pretty cool visual that also serves as an indicator during charging and vaping, adding a bit of flair to the overall experience.

The device supports both pre-filled and refillable pods. For the vapers who like convenience, the pre-filled pods are a breeze. And for those who love to experiment with flavors, the refillable option is a godsend. I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of customization, right?

Personal User Experience

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – my personal experience with the ANYX PRO. I opted for the closed pod cartridge, prefilled with some intriguing flavors: Refresh White Grape and Blueberry Blast. First off, the ANYX PRO nails the mouth-to-lung experience. It’s on par with, if not better than, what you’d get from a JUUL. The vapor production is moderate, similar to the JUUL, but where it really shines is in the consistency and quality of the vape.

Switching Between Turbo and Normal Mode

One of the coolest features of the ANYX PRO is the ability to switch between Turbo and Normal mode. Here’s the lowdown: you quickly pull and insert the pod three times to switch modes. This clever little trick adjusts the cloud size, which is a big deal for someone like me who enjoys a richer vapor experience. I gravitated towards the Turbo mode pretty quickly – the vapor in this setting is not just rich; it’s downright luxurious. The 400mAh battery backs this up with sufficient power, making the experience even more enjoyable for vapers who crave that extra kick.

The Vaping Experience

In Turbo mode, the vapor is fuller, denser, and more satisfying. The white grape flavor is refreshingly crisp, while the blueberry blast offers a juicy, flavorful punch. It’s a smooth, silky vape, with each draw feeling comfortable and natural, much like smoking a traditional cigarette. The throat hit is just right – present but not overwhelming.

The Design

The device itself is a beauty in terms of ergonomics. It sits comfortably in the hand, and despite its smooth surface, it’s not slippery. The rounded edges add to the overall comfort. Its portability is a huge plus – it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go vaping.

The LED Indicator

ANYX PRO review

The LED indicator deserves a special mention. Unlike anything I’ve seen on other pod devices, the LED lights up and grows longer with each inhale. This not only looks cool but also gives you real-time feedback on your vaping – a small but significant detail that enhances the overall experience.

Refillable Option

For those who like to mix things up, the ANYX PRO also offers a refillable pod option. The side-filling mechanism is simple and mess-free. A small hole covered by a silicon stopper makes refilling with your favorite e-juice easy and convenient. This flexibility is a huge win for vapers who prefer customizing their flavors.


Overall, my experience with the ANYX PRO has been overwhelmingly positive. It balances performance, convenience, and style in a way that’s hard to find in the crowded vape market. The thoughtful features like the dual mode, ergonomic design, and unique LED indicator, combined with the solid vaping performance, make it a standout device.

How to Use the ANYX PRO

Using the ANYX PRO is straightforward, but it’s always good to know the ins and outs to get the most out of your vape. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Getting Started with the Pod:
    • Prefilled Pod: If you’re starting with a prefilled pod, press the atomizing coil inside first, leave it for about 15 seconds, then slot the pod into the device. The magnetic force will hold it in place.
    • ANYX PRO reviewRefillable Pod: For a refillable pod, open the rubber sealer and inject your favorite e-liquid into the slot. Seal it back up firmly, then place the pod into the device.
  2. Powering On/Off:
    • To turn the device on or off, pull and insert the pod five times within 2 seconds. When powered on, the lights will turn on in sequence from bottom to top to display the current power mode. The second light then shows the current battery level.
  3. Vaping:
    • Just inhale directly to start vaping. During vaping, the lights (white or yellow, depending on the power mode) illuminate in sequence and stay lit.
  4. Switching Between Modes:
    • Quickly pull and insert the pod three times within 2 seconds to switch between Normal Power Mode (white light, 7.8W) and Turbo Power Mode (yellow light, 11.5W).
  5. Checking Battery Level:
    • After placing the pod into the device, the lights turn on to show the battery level for 1 second. The lights indicate the level as follows:
      • 0~30%: LED 1 turns on.
      • 30%~50%: LEDs 1 and 2 turn on.
      • 50%~70%: LEDs 1, 2, and 3 turn on.
      • 70%~100%: All LEDs turn on.
    • Low battery is indicated by 4 red flashing lights.
  6. Charging:
    • Connect the charging cable and the lights will sequence from bottom to top, then turn off, and repeat until fully charged.

This device is user-friendly and intuitive, making it a great choice for both new and experienced vapers. The LED indicators add a nice touch, making it easy to monitor your vaping status and battery life.

How to lock and unlock ANYX Pro

How to use ANYX Pro Pod cartridge

How to Switch Turbo & Normal Mode for Anyx Pro

Product Pros and Cons

When it comes to vaping devices, every vaper has their preferences and priorities. Here’s my take on the pros and cons of the ANYX PRO:


  1. Ease of Use: The ANYX PRO is remarkably user-friendly. Its simple pod insertion mechanism for vaping, and the easy switch between power modes, make it a breeze to use, even for beginners.
  2. Innovative Power Control: The dual power mode, toggled by the pod insertion method, is a unique feature that sets the ANYX PRO apart. It allows for customization of your vaping experience without complicating the design.
  3. Compact and Portable: Its small size and lightweight design make it perfect for on-the-go vaping.
  4. Quick Charging: Thanks to its Type-C charging port, the device charges up quickly, which is great for vapers who are always on the move.
  5. Versatility with Pods: The option to use both pre-filled and refillable pods is a significant advantage, catering to a wide range of preferences.
  6. Build Quality and Design: The ergonomic design and the innovative LED indicator not only make it a comfortable device to hold but also add to its aesthetic appeal.


  1. Battery Life: While the 400mAh battery is decent for its size, heavy vapers might find themselves needing to charge it more frequently.
  2. Visibility of E-liquid Level: Depending on the pod used, it can sometimes be challenging to see the e-liquid level, which might be inconvenient for some users.
  3. Limited Power Settings: Although the dual power mode is a plus, some experienced vapers might prefer more options for a finer control over their vaping experience.


The ANYX PRO is a well-rounded device that strikes a good balance between functionality and design. It’s a great fit for vapers who value simplicity, portability, and ease of use. The innovative features like the dual power mode and the unique LED indicator add to its appeal. While it might not satisfy every vaper’s need, especially those looking for more control over power settings or a longer battery life, it’s certainly a strong contender in the market, especially for those making a switch from smoking or looking for a reliable, easy-to-use device.

The ANYX PRO stands out as a solid choice for both newbies and seasoned vapers seeking a sleek, efficient, and versatile vaping device.

Where to buy ANYX PRO pod system/ starter kit


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