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Are Vapes Allowed on Planes? Your Ultimate Guide to Puffing on the Go

Traveling by air can be a high-stress experience, especially for vapers who are unsure about the rules surrounding their beloved e-cigarettes. The skies may be friendly, but the rules about vaping can be anything but clear. So, are vapes allowed on planes? Grab your carry-on and join us on this entertaining and informative journey through the clouds as we unravel the mysteries of vaping at 30,000 feet. Spoiler alert: you might want to leave your cloud-chasing ambitions on the ground!

Packing Your Vape Gear – The Dos and Don’ts

Vape Gear in Your Carry-On

First things first, let’s talk about packing. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a few rules that vapers need to follow. According to TSA guidelines, you can carry your e-cigarette and vape pens in your carry-on luggage. However, there are a few caveats. Lithium batteries, the lifeblood of your device, must also be in your carry-on. This rule is in place because lithium batteries have a nasty habit of catching fire. And let’s face it, nothing ruins a flight faster than an impromptu fire drill at 30,000 feet. So, pack those batteries in your carry-on and keep the skies friendly!

Liquids and E-Juice Regulations

Now, what about those deliciously flavored e-juices? The TSA has you covered here too, but not without its quirks. E-liquids fall under the same liquid restrictions as shampoo, lotion, and that mysterious bottle of cologne you never use. This means each container should not exceed 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters), and all your liquids should fit into a single quart-sized, clear plastic bag. Sure, it sounds like a lot of rules, but think of it as a mini-game of Tetris. And remember, a well-packed bag is a happy bag!

The In-Flight Vaping Rules – Turbulence Ahead

Vaping in the Lavatory

Alright, you’ve successfully navigated security. Now comes the tricky part – the flight itself. As tempting as it might be to sneak a quick puff in the lavatory, resist the urge. Airplane smoke detectors are no joke. They’re incredibly sensitive and designed to detect even the smallest amount of smoke or vapor. If you set off the alarm, you’ll not only face the wrath of the flight crew but also a hefty fine. Plus, you might find yourself explaining your actions to airport security upon landing. So, let’s keep those vape clouds grounded and enjoy the flight without any additional turbulence.

Friendly Skies, Strict Rules

Airlines are pretty clear on their stance: vaping is strictly prohibited on flights. This includes all forms of electronic smoking devices, whether you’re in first class or back in the cheap seats. The ban is in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. Besides, no one wants to sit next to a human fog machine for several hours. So, put your vape pen away, sit back, relax, and maybe enjoy an in-flight movie instead. Trust us, it’s better than facing the stern look of a flight attendant.

Navigating Layovers – To Vape or Not to Vape?

Airport Designated Smoking Areas

Layovers can be a mixed bag. On one hand, they give you a break from the confines of the plane; on the other, they can be a challenge for vapers. Most airports have designated smoking areas where you can legally vape. These areas are typically outside the terminal, so you might need to go through security again. It’s a bit of a hassle, but hey, it’s a chance to stretch your legs and get some fresh (or not-so-fresh) air. Just follow the signs or ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction.

International Layovers and Local Laws

When you’re traveling internationally, things can get even more complicated. Each country has its own set of rules regarding vaping. For instance, in some countries, vaping is completely banned, while others might have more lenient regulations. Before you start your journey, it’s a good idea to research the vaping laws of your destination and any layover countries. This will save you from any unpleasant surprises and ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. Remember, when in doubt, it’s better to ask than to risk a fine or confiscation of your gear.

Post-Flight – Puffing and Recharging

Arrival at Your Destination

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the flight without incident. Now, it’s time to get back to your vaping routine. Most airports have designated smoking areas where you can finally take that much-needed puff. However, before you start blowing clouds, make sure you’re aware of the local laws and regulations. Some places have strict anti-smoking and vaping laws, and you don’t want to start your trip with a run-in with local authorities. A quick Google search or a chat with a local can save you a lot of trouble.

Recharging and Relaxing

Once you’ve settled into your hotel or Airbnb, it’s time to recharge – both yourself and your vape. Find a cozy spot, plug in your device, and take a moment to relax. You’ve earned it! Traveling can be stressful, but with a little planning and patience, you can enjoy your vape without any hassles. So, sit back, take a deep breath (of fresh air), and enjoy your trip. And remember, the next time you’re asked, “Are vapes allowed on planes?” you’ll be the one with all the answers.


Navigating the world of vaping while traveling by air can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. This ultimate guide offers a humorous and relaxed approach to understanding the do’s and don’ts of flying with vape gear. From packing your e-cigarettes and e-liquids in your carry-on to respecting in-flight no-vaping policies, this guide covers all the bases. It also highlights the importance of being aware of local laws during layovers and at your destination. With careful planning and adherence to regulations, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free travel experience, vape in hand (or in carry-on). Safe travels and happy vaping!


1. Can I bring my vape on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your vape on a plane, but there are specific guidelines you need to follow. Vapes and e-cigarettes must be packed in your carry-on luggage, not in your checked baggage, due to the fire risk associated with lithium batteries. Additionally, e-liquids must comply with the TSA’s liquid restrictions, meaning each container should be no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and all containers must fit into a single quart-sized, clear plastic bag.

2. Can I use my vape during the flight?

No, you cannot use your vape during the flight. Vaping is strictly prohibited on all airlines. Attempting to vape, even in the lavatory, can trigger smoke alarms and result in severe consequences, including fines and potential legal action. It’s best to respect the rules and enjoy your flight without attempting to vape.

3. Where can I vape during a layover?

During a layover, you can usually vape in designated smoking areas at the airport. These areas are often located outside the terminal, meaning you might need to go through security again to re-enter the airport. Always follow the signs to the smoking areas or ask airport staff for directions to avoid vaping in restricted areas and potentially facing fines.

4. Are there different vaping rules for international flights?

Yes, vaping rules can vary significantly for international flights, especially concerning layovers and your destination country. Each country has its own regulations regarding vaping, with some countries having stricter laws than others. It’s important to research the vaping laws of your destination and any countries where you have layovers to ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues.

5. What should I do with my vape upon arrival at my destination?

Upon arrival, you should locate the designated smoking areas at the airport to use your vape. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the local vaping laws and regulations to avoid fines or confiscation of your vape gear. A quick online search or asking a local can help you understand where and when you can legally vape in your destination.


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