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Hello everyone, I’m your old friend Captain,
And we talked about some vape devices in previous issues.
Today Captain will recommend the e-liquid to everyone.
We talked about flavor or nic salt already too much,
This time we’ll give some new vape choices to mod vapers.
Wonderland E-juice series e-liquid manufactured by Asmodus
Because there is a rabbit in the package, many friends also call it rabbit vape juice.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice overview

60ML full capacity,
The bottle is a Gorilla E-liquid bottle with guaranteed quality,
There is not much brilliance in the design of the packaging,
Quite conventional.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The nicotine content currently comes with only 3mg,
It is not difficult to see the service groups and positioning of this vape juice.
Everything designed is all on the side of the mod vapers.
The mix ratio of 70VG/30PG is also conventional.
But I personally think that using 8:2 for mod vape would better,
Which makes mod vaping purer.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice flavors


ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Frankly speaking, the taste this time is really a bit like a product of that era,
They are all biased towards the tastes of American vapers,
Daily desserts and food tastes.

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice user experience

Reference devices & settings
DACHI 80W MOD, DACHI finished core;
Bushido BFMOD, Bushido RDA, Ni80 26ga 6 laps;
Hilt mod, MATTY RDA 22mm Bruce heating coil 2# 5 turns
(The above machines and settings are for reference only, experts please use the top-level setting of the panel)

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The combination of lychee and raspberry is something I didn’t expect, it’s interesting.
The sourness of the fruit is quite adequate,
With the blend of milk is added to it,
Making the overall experience very silky

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Old fans should understand that lemon has always been a taste I don’t like,
But in order to better give everyone feedback,
Captain experienced a few mouthfuls.
I can only talk about the primary feelings, please forgive me if there is any deviation.
The sweetness and sourness of lemon is not well reflected,
The fruity scent is very delicate, you can try it if you like.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

Everyone should be familiar with this taste,
I just slowly forgot the initial feeling.
The thick peanut butter is very delicious, and the intervention of toast is just right.
But if you vape for a long time, it will be very greasy.
Highly dessert grade vape juice.
For dessert lovers,
This is the best weapon to solve addiction.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review

The most popular flavor at the moment,
A taste that all major brands and small workshops are making,
Some are more suitable for Chinese, and some are not suitable.
I think this one is more American style,
The whole is relatively sweet and greasy, but not very greasy.
The blend of e-liquid is a bit like Donkey juice.
The user experience is excellent, suitable for long-term vaping.

ASMODUS Wonerland E-juice review


ASMODUS Wonderland,
It caters to American vapers’ need,
Overall e-liquid blending and flavor including vape juice quality,
All make it an outstanding e-juice.
The flavors are basically in a dessert food compound system.
Of course, there are lychees and raspberries that are more suitable for long term vaping.
If you are still vaping on mod vapes,
Or like 3mg dessert compound system,
This e-juice is highly recommended.

Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice


ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice review

ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice packaging
ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice quality
ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice flavor
ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice taste
ASMODUS Wonderland E-juice price


The flavors are basically in a dessert food compound system. And there are lychees and raspberries that are more suitable for long term vaping. If you are still vaping on mod vapes, Or like 3mg dessert compound system, this e-juice is highly recommended.

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