Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods review – DirtyCheck No. 97

After the launch of “Pioneer” Rta by Bruce,
It introduced a new blockbuster product “Hilt” constant voltage pod device.
So its promise in the fan base is also fulfilled on time.
This is a device that is more suitable for mouth-to-lung vapers.
Compared with the bulky box mod,
This time it’s a relatively small and portable device like this.
So what is it worth our experience?
Let’s go.

Hilt Mosfet Mod brief view

The packaging still uses a “Hermes” color with a mustache logo.
The overall atmosphere is still simple and high-grade.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod package content

1*Hilt device, 1*shell
1*22 ring, 1*24 ring
2*user manual.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Open the package, we can see all kinds of accessories,
And two instructions in Bruce style.
Still concise and clear pictures to provide a suggestive instruction.
One thing is more important,
The resistance of a single atomizer should not be lower than 0.45ohm,
Atomizer using MTL or some RDL is the best choice.

The combination of the device is very interesting,
It’s also a player attitude of Bruce.
The machine needs to be used with a combination of shells.
The machine can also be disassembled and rebuilt to match up.
The shell can be configured with a 18650 long body.
Or a 18350 short body configuration,
To match what you need, very personalized.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod size and weight

18650 size, 80mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 122g,
18350 size, 52 mm*31.5mm*26mm, weight 85g

Hilt Mosfet Mod output gear

Hilt supports a three-speed voltage adjustment,
Respectively are
3.5v (corresponding to red light),
3.8v (corresponding to yellow light),
And a full power output (corresponding to the green light)

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod power

Double click the pwoer button to see the battery usage,
100% battery green, 50% battery yellow, 25% battery red.

Colors are currently relatively few,
A total of three colors: black, silver and dark green.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Hilt Mosfet Mod experience

The overall cumbersomeness of the machine is obvious.
With different casings, you need to disassemble and reassemble.
You also need to disassemble and reassemble with different atomizers.
The good news is that the disassembly and reorganization are all smooth.
There is no situation where the abrasive tool is not snapped in place.
Integrity and hands-on are all excellent.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmodsHilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

The casing on the material adopts an anodizing process,
It’s worth mentioning that the “zirconium” sand is sprayed here.
Feel very comfortable on hand;
It feels very delicate when you hold it.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

A waterproof nano-coating is used on the chip,
So whether it’s accidental ingress of water or condensation from some atomizers,
It will not cause the crash of the machine in working.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

In order to be more direct in experience,
Captain also used three atomizers to experience, the data is for reference only,
Just focus on your own real experience.
They are patio RTA, matty 20mm RDA and a finished atomizer

Patio RTA
The 0.88ohm finished heating coil of the Bruce is used.
Strawberry Cream Melaleuca Cake with Cream vape juice,
3.8V voltage output.

Matty 20mm RDA
I use ni80 interwoven keel clap, about 0.6ohm,
Three milk marshmallows with KC e-juice.
Full power voltage output.

GenS finished atomizer
1.2ohm resistor finished core
3.5V voltage power

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Let’s talk about the overall feeling, there is no delay in ignition,
If the battery voltage is lower than the gear,
Can only maintain a current output maximum voltage.
So there will be a normal attenuation of the output,
You need to change the battery in time to maintain a normal experience.
Because Captain uses it more frequently,
The 18350’s battery can only last 3-4 hours of user experience.
18650 will be better, basically, the working time is about 6-7 hours

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

There is no doubt about the later playability,
The official side of Bruce also directly talked about some of the later thoughts.
Regardless of the material and color of the casing,
Or the material and color of the buttons,
Or the material and color of the ring,
There will be continuous update and upgrade later.
So don’t worry about the personalized configuration you need,
You can rest assured about the personalized experience of Bruce products.

Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods


Although this “Hilt” is a constant voltage pod vape,
The power output can be adjusted, which is very good.
The advantages of this constant voltage machine are obvious.
Unfortunately, the battery life is not ideal,
And there isn’t a charging port outside.
Even if the hidden type, requires plugging and unplugging the casing,
Not very friendly to crazy frequent users.
The indicator light of the button is not very obvious,
The only little hole indicator is a bit stingy.
I think it can be made into a ring,
Or a more intuitive and beautiful design to prompt function and power.
However, it’s very convenient to upgrade the accessories,
This device is very friendly to vapers who love DIY, customization or personalization.
Captain Dirty spent about half a month on this pod mod,
Speaking of experience and beauty, Hilt Mosfet Mod gets a high score here.
Such an outstanding device in this field, it’s a bit invincible.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Hilt Mosfet Mod by BPmods

Cream E-Juice

Hilt Mosfet Mod design
Hilt Mosfet Mod user experience
Hilt Mosfet Mod battery endurance
Hilt Mosfet Mod price

Speaking of experience and beauty, Hilt Mosfet Mod gets a high score here. The power output can be adjusted, which is very good. Such an outstanding device in this field, it's a bit invincible. Highly recommended.

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