Babytree business partner Wei Xiaowei has quit to join JUUL

According to insiders, Wei Xiaowei, Babytree’s business partner, has resigned from Baby Tree.

From various sources, we found that Wei Xiaowei quitted Babytree to join JUUL as a senior executive in JUUL China, and is currently actively recruiting and hiring new employees.

Wei Xiaowei, Master of Electronic Commerce Management, Surrey University, UK, and Master of Supply Chain Management, Warwick University. Joined Baby Tree in 2010, successively as the head of sales team, product team and e-commerce team. Later, he served as Babytree COO and Vice President, as well as the general manager of e-commerce, responsible for the overall operation of Babytree Company, leading products, sales, markets and so on. He had previously worked for Lenovo for four years.

Wei Xiaowei has won great recognition in the industry since he was promoted to Babytree COO in 2015. He has been awarded the Golden Wu Award and the Leader of Mobile Marketing in the Global Mobile Marketing Summit in the year of Internet Weekly in 2015. He has been employed by consultants of 4A Company for many times.

In July 2016, Allen Wang Huainan, the founder of Babytree, announced that the Babytree e e-commerce, which had operated for less than two years, had made a full profit, becoming the first mother-to-child e-commerce in China to publicly announce profits. Wei Xiaowei, as the head of Babytree E-commerce, can be said to have contributed a lot.

Wei Xiaowei mentioned in the interview with famous experts produced by Guangming TV that the reason why he joined Babytree was entirely attracted by the personal charm of the founder of Babytree, Allen. He mentioned that when they met for the first time, they talked for nearly three or four hours, which can be said to be the admire between heroes. 。

Wei Xiaowei, who has been an important member of Babytree Management, suddenly quit his job and joined JUUL. Some people in the industry speculated that it might be Wang Huainan, who was widely rumored to be CEO of JUUL China before he went to replace him, who could be said to be Wang Huainan’s “descendant” after all. Of course, this statement has not yet been confirmed.


Some time ago, there were rumors that Wang Huainan, the founder of Babytree, wanted to be CEO of JUUL China. Some even saw Wang Huainan appear at Juul’s U.S. headquarters in mid-June. Wang Huainan himself sent an interesting Wechat status on the morning of July 31, although Babytree officially denied it.

Baby Tree responded that Allen joined Juul: No plans to work in any other company

It seems to be a formal statement that instead of joining JUUL, he intended to devote myself to the development of Babytree. And JUUL has been claiming that it has no intention of finding a CEO in China.


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