JUUL starter kit China version review- Strong throat hit, two dealers authorized to sell

JUUL has also opened two major China online stores, Tmall and JD flagship stores, which means that domestic users can purchase products directly through the e-commerce channel, instead of buying JUUL products through the form of agent purchase.

This is also the most substantial step for the world-renowned e-cigarette brand in China. When the two major e-commerce platform purchase channels open, the domestic e-cigarette industry is likely to undergo drastic changes, which may squeeze the living space of new brands, but also may bring more standardized play.

At the same time, we are also very concerned about the impact of relevant policies on this, and what form domestic e-cigarette brands will take to compete with JUUL.

But today we do not talk about the vape industry, we bring you JUUL products sold in China to be reviewed, which should also be the earlier unboxing in China.

Readers who have used foreign versions can tell us whether there is a difference. At present, it seems that the products imported from the United States should be e-liquids and then assembled in China. We have not been officially confirmed, but only speculated on the basis of instructions.

The Juul China version looks the same as the overseas version both in appearance and flavors.

JUUL’s rainbow lamp mode, after a sip, shake the device, you will see the rainbow. JUUL C1 removed this function later.

The magnetism of charging port is very strong, and it will connect itself as soon as it is near, so it has relatively strong charging connection.


  1. JUUL’s model of entering China is an authorized seller model – Hangzhou Jinyong and Trade Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Taoyatao Information Technology Co., Ltd. are authorized.
  2. JUUL provides most flavors in China including fruit flavors.
  3. JUUL inspects every customer‘s ID after purchasing. Their service manager will call you up asking for your ID card number and name in case you’re adolescent. We refused to show it for privacy then they refused to deliver the order of VAPE HK. Is it a post‐traumatic stress disorder in USA? Finally, we surrender our information.
  4. JUUL’s slogan in China is “Improve 1 billion smokers’ life” not “Make the switch” overseas. Looks smart. If lots of smokers turn into vapors, the government won’t be happy.
  5. JUUl sells the starter kit for 369 yuan, while most other China vape brands sell them for 299 yuan. It’s too expensive and not competitive. What’s worse, 6 JUUL pods’ capacity equal only 2 domestic common pods. That means every 6 Juul pods (223 yuan) cost 100 yuan more than common China pods (93 yuan like SnowPlus). Selling vapes in the homeland of vapes will be a hard life to JUUL.

JUUL starter kit review – SnowPlus, RELX, MOTI comparison

Nicotine strength (5%)
Vapor production
Battery (200mAh) 200 puffs
Discretion/ Confidentiality (Like a U disk)
Price (higer than most China brands)

More details will be found after our later trial. Keep following VAPE HK.

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