JUUL starter kit review – SnowPlus, RELX, MOTI comparison

Juul, SnowPlus, RELX, MOTI, which is the best?

This is the subsequent Juul review of the first:

JUUL starter kit China version review- Strong throat hit, two dealers authorized to sell

We found this starter kit in China is the same as the overseas edition, because after we tore off the label on it, it shows English.

Keep following VAPE HK, we’ll update this article tomorrow and compare it with RELX, Moti and SnowPlus.

13th, September 2019 Update:

Inhaling wayMTLMTL/DTL shiftableMTL/DTL shiftableMTL/DTL shiftable
Pod technologyMetal atomizerTrueFeel ceramicsFEELM insideFEELM inside
Pod capacity (ml)0.71.521.8
Weight (g)14332529
Hand feel4543
Size (length, cm)9.5101112
Battery Capacity (mAh)200400350500
Leakage proof5433
Vapor production3544
Nicotine strength5%5%5%5%
Causing cough1001
Throat hit5555

SnowPlus, RELX, MOTI comparison


  1. JUUL produces less vapor with higher vaping resistance compared to the other 3 brands. You can’t go back to Juul if you’ve tried the other 3 brands because this vapor amount is far from satisfaction.

  2. JUUL pod’s smell is really pleasant, sweet and outstanding among the 4. Lots of sugar and other fragrance materials should have been added into the tobacco flavor.

  3. JUUL has the smallest size and lightest weight. Portable but less pod e-liquid capacity.

  4. JUUL’s U disk shape makes it not comfortable enough when holding. Though it’s more discreet and harder to be noticed by others.

  5. JUUL’s battery is not durable. Old smokers need to charge it every now and then.

  6. JUUL irritates throat more than the other 2 brands.

  7. Juul’s leakage-proof. The rainbow lamp also helps the user clean the condense themselves.

  8. JUUL’s price is way too high. It doesn’t worth the value, click here for why.

  9. JUUL’s unique charger is easy to get lost or forgotten at home because it’s small and neglectable, which makes it rather inconvenient. After all, JUUL needs frequent charging because of its small battery capacity. While other 3 brands use an ordinary Andriod phone USB cable that can be found everywhere to charge.

  10. JUUL is a world-famous and old vape brand. It’s founded earlier than other 3 brands and its quality is reliable. The downside is that there are lots of fake JUUL pods on market because it’s famous.



JUUL VS MOTI VS RELX VS SnowPlus, which is the best? Following is the answer:

Once you have vaped JUUL, you can’t go back to VOOPOO;

Once have vaped MOTI, you can’t go back to JUUL;

Once have vaped RELX, you can’t go back to MOTI;

Finally, once have vaped SnowPlus, you can’t go back to RELX.

That’s why we put it up into the dark cabinet once this review is done.

In a word, SnowPlus, RELX and MOTI all can be the alternatives to JUUL.


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