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Best 100 vape manufacturers in China – 2024 top 100 vape factory list

This is the latest vape manufacturer list in China for 2024 that’s researched and summarized according to the factory size, production capacity, and market share, etc. After reading this list, you needn’t struggle to collect the information of factories one by one saving you precious time.


ICCPP was established in 2014. Now it’s exporting to 70+ countries, with 500+ research and development team, 6000+ enterprise staff, 6 major production bases, and a 120000m2 area of production workshop, 100000 dust-free workshop. Sub brands: VOOPOO, ZOVOO.

2. ALD Group Limited

ALD’s modern manufacturing center covers over 40,000 square meters, filled with more than 2,500 skilled workers. Their monthly vaporizer production capacity reaches 30,000,000pcs, supporting a stable supply to hundreds of clients around the world with reliable one-stop service-from a rough idea to a perfect final product out of mass production.

3. Smoore(VAPORESSO)

SMOORE International Holdings Limited has announced an IPO in Hong Kong. Sub brands include VAPORESSO, FEELM, Renova, Ccell, Puffmi, etc. it has advanced R&D technology; strong manufacturing capacity; wide-spectrum product portfolio; diverse customer base; 3 basic research centers; multiple core patents. Production area over 16429 m².


IJOY has expended its reach to over 5 continents throughout the USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oceania, Canada, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, South Africa, Paraguay some 30 countries.  IJOY provides the highest-class electronic cigarette products and a one-stop solution for all its clients.


JWEI,founded in 2008 for vaporization technology R&D and e-cig manufacturing. JWEI has more than 3000 employees, 2200 patents and 80 sales distribution countries and regions around the world. It has three factories for its self-owned brands Joyetech/Eleaf/Wismec. Maximum capacity of 4 million batteries and 55 million pods per month. Sourcemore site belongs to JWEI.

6. First Union

Established in 2004, Over 500,000 sqm of factory area and more than 5,000 employees, providing more than 80 million electronic cigarettes per month. Subbrands: VaptioKanger.


Kimree, established in 2006, is the leading DOM /OEM manufacturer of electronic cigarette, achieved over 2700 patents. R&D team with 276 engineers, Kimree already passed 10 famous certificates. KIMREE facility covers area of 40000 square meters, 120 assemble lines, 1020 workers (maximal will be 2500), Maximal monthly production capacity: 25 million PCS.


SongGang Base 1 covers 30164 ㎡, 28 Lines, 9 million pcs /M;
SongGang Base 2 covers 95210 ㎡, 173 Lines, 57 million pcs /M;
DongFang Base covers 51080 ㎡, 87 Lines, 33million pcs /M.


Established in 2016, Innokin Technology is one of the world’s leading vaping manufacturers. Innokin vapes are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Its most valuable resource is the workforce. Innokin employs people worldwide who gain valuable knowledge and experiences to create the next great vaping devices.


Aka IBUDDY. Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a CBD oil vape pen & dry herb vaporizers supplier.Founded in 2008 dedicated to design, develop and manufacture vaping products. It has a facility of 60,000 square meters and over 100 research and development engineers, 300 production and quality control professionals, and over 1,000 manufacturing operators. Holding multiple ISO certifications. Subbrand Budtank.

11. Advken

Shenzhen Advken Technology Co., LTD. is established in 2013. Do R & D, production, OEM&ODM and sales departments.  Exports to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. With a good reputation in the field. Have a number of patents: Manta Series(Manta RTA/Tank), Cp Series(Cp RTA/Cp TF RTA), Owl Series(Owl Tank/Owl Kit), WANDERLUST LITE Pod, Doctor Coil Serial Cotton, and other Accessories, etc.


Launched in 2020, PNDUS has a new garden-style factory, a medical-grade workshop, covers an area of 33,000 square meters and a building area of 43,300 square meters; the factory has 5,000 personnel and an annual output value of about RMB 40.6 billion.


Established in 2012, Shenzhen DOVPO Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service of electronic cigarette. Since the foundation, Dovpo has always devoted to developing various electronic cigarettes for consumers.

14. Mlife

Launched in 2014, Mlife is a brand of Shenzhen Mlife Technology Co., Ltd. which is the subsidiary of vaping pioneer Shenzhen Y&Q Group since 2008. All its products include11 patented models, and compliance with general international regulations including CE、 ROHS、GS、SGS、PSE、ISO etc. It has owned a 40,000 square meters vape manufacturing base since 2008.

15. Smok

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen IVPS Technology CO. Limited’s brand SMOK® is an international first-class e-cigarette brand. Its production base is mainly for its own brand Smok.

16. Aspire

Aspire has been innovating the industry since 2013. It has 6 research institutes, and 200+ high-tech researchers, 2326+ patents. Product “AVP” was sold more than 6 million pcs, Aspire Breeze series shipments exceed 4 million pcs, First chimney-free tank product “Cleito” as sold more than 5 million pcs.

17. Yihi Electronics

Subbrands SXmini, Vsticking. YIHI’s headquarter total area is about 12,000 square meters and the total construction area of the modern plant is over 25,000 square meters. High grade medical class clean room, R&D departments, and vast high tech manufacturing lines. Established in 2014. Produced e-cigarette for Bugatti.

18. Itsuwa

Established in 2007, focusing on electronic cigarette, vape mod and dry herb vape product manufacturing and technology development. 30+ skilled engineers, 260+ skilled staff, GMP/ISO9001 Certificated, 15 production line. Subbrand Vapesoul.

19. Greensound

Aka GS. Established in 2009, GS participated in the formulation of “production standard of vaping device and E-liquid” in Chinese E-cig industry, has two Labs cooperating with domestic universities. Over 200 patent applications, including 6 for invention, 180 for utility model and 70 for appearance

20. Cloupor

Shenzhen Keleipeng Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 and located in Shenzhen, It has two e-cigarette brands, “cloupor” and its sub brand “smoant”. The automatic e-cigarette production plant & traditional production plant, R & D team and sales team have been running stably for 8 years. 10000 + product design scheme, 100 + professional engineer. Ranking first in Russia in sales volume.

21. Heaven Gifts

Elf Bar is produced by the vaping trader Heaven Gifts. Established in 2007, Heaven Gifts has become the largest, best and most trustworthy distributor of Electronic Cigarette with years’ growing and expanding. Now they have two large offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

22. Uwell

UWELL (Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd.), founded in 2015. Products were sold to 23 countries, with sales exceeding 100 million RMB. Sold to 65 countries and UWELL cooperated with over 20,000 distributors. Annual sales exceeded 1 billion RMB.

23. Sigelei

Established in 2011, GD SIGELEI Electronic Tech Co., Ltd is a National High-Tech Enterprise. Subbrands FUCHAI, KAOS, COMPAK, VCIGO. More than 90 core patents. Do OEM&ODM for disposables and mods.

24. Mi-Pod

In 2008, the world was taken by storm with the establishment of Smoking Vapor, which the company rebranded in August 2019 as Mi-One Brands. The Mi-One, was released in 2014. It wasn’t until 2016 with the unveiling of the Mi-Pod,  flagship device, that Mi-One Brands really began to lead the pack.

25. Tesla

TESLACIGS has built more than 1,000 square meters of R&D laboratories and production workshops. ISO-9001 certification acquired. Products include pod system, kits, atomizers, Wye, Invader, Punk, Kingzone. Provide OEM ODM service.

26. Yuoto

Yuoto vape is made by Shenzhen Komjie Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd which used to make box mods and accessories. Chinese name 燃雾. With 200 employees, 3000 square meters manufacturing base and GMP certification. It goes from obscure to famous since 2020 for its Yuoto Plus.

27. HQD 

Established in 2014, Shenzhen HanQingDa Technology Co., Ltd. (HQD for short). 5,000 staff. CE, FCC, ROHS and MSDS certificates acquired.


VOZOL by Shenzhen Zhiyuan Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is launched in 2018. Inaugurated the first manufacturing center in Dongguan, monthly production capacity over 2 million pcs in 2020. Now monthly production capacity over 10 million pcs with 2 manufacturing centers.

29. Hotcig

Shenzhen Hot Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2013, focuses on electronic cigarettes R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. With an area of more than 2000 square meters modern factory.

30. VAAL

VAAL features its good taste disposable.  Since the creation in 2020, VAAL by Myvapor is committed to becoming a key player on the global market in this sector.

31. Vaporlax

Vaporlax has one of the most well-known vape factories in China for no brag, found in 2010, and provides OEM or ODM services.

32. Fummy

Established in 2014. Shenzhen Fumai Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of Fume vape, VPO, Boulder, Vapeman, etc. Provides OEM and ODM service. 20000 m2 manufacturing plant.

33. Posh

Posh bar is made by Houshan Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Founded in 2020.

34. Zencig

Shenzhen ZenCig Technology Co., Ltd  is a manufacturer of dry herb vaporizers/CBD vape pens/disposable vape pens, etc. Certified manufacturer in the white list.

35. Hangsen (vape juice)

Established in 2009, 1300+ staff, export to 85+ countries, has 300+ patents and tech copyrights registered, sold 500 million bottles of e-liquids worldwide

36. Dekang (vape juice)

Since 2003. Dekang e-liquid OEM service offers flavour matching facility where they can replicate any flavour.  Deliver reliable, high-quality products in a week. Creating a customized line of e-liquids easliy with its service. Sister company Bogecig makes disposables and pod kits.

37. Magical Flavour (vape flavor concentrate)

Established in 2009, Magical Flavour ® is an integrated flavor brand of developing, producing and service. Have customers in Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, UK and America. Based in Xiamen, China, the factory is around 1500㎡ (16145.9 sq.ft). Have labs with advanced research & test equipment and clean room. All certificates acquired.


Founded in 2014. Orion Bar and pod vape are the brands by LOST VAPE, known for its ORION, which is the first Pod Mod in Industry and sold 10 million units globally.

39. VEEX

30 million yuan R&D investment/year, 30 professional R&D expert, 41 technology patent​, 23000 m2 100,000-level R&D and production base.  Subbrands: VEEXTECH, TAKI, WUUZ, XIYO, and other well-known brands.

40. Ugreen (vape juice)

Established in 2015, UGreen have a 2500 square meters dust-free workshop to produce eliquids, a 1500 square meters R&D department labs, ISO certificates. Over 100 skilled workers and a steady production capacity of 300 tons eliquids every month.

51. Hangboo Biotech (vape juice)

Huizhou Hangboo Biotech Co., Ltd. is established in 2010 and makes e-liquids & vapes. Their catalog contains various kinds of e-cigarettes like mechanical mod, 510, EGO disposal kits, atomizers and series of accessories.

52. feelife (vape juice)

feellife’s one-stop solution service for global nebulizer + nebulizer liquid ecology is a comprehensive high-tech industry integrating complete R&D, production, sales, service and academics of nebulized products and nebulized vaccine equipment. 30,000-square-meter factory. E-juice OEM.

53. VapeEZ

VapeEZ has 40 R&D personnel, 60 quality control staff, and more than 500 production staff producing 16 product lines. Production and inspection/test equipment ensures annual output of 36,000,000 sets/pieces and quality control.

54. Ousida

Shenzhen Ousida Technology Co., Ltd.. is located in Shenzhen and Nnanning. The company (affiliated company) entered the electronic cigarette industry in 2010.

55. Maskking

Maskking, an ecig manufacturer specialized in vape pod in Shenzhen,China. The main idea of the appearance of Maskking was to combine in a small device maximum comfort and pleasure.

56. OUOK

OUOK is established in 2015, as a self-brand owned by Easyway. The company does vape OEM and ODM for disposbales, pod, CBD vapes.. Minimum order quantity, 1k, 200k/month max production capacity.

57. Wotofo

Founded in 2012, as a premier manufacturer of vape products, Wotofo has established its leading position in rebuildable devices, producing some of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, Kits and accessories.

58. Freemax

Shenzhen Weimasi Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2013. Unveiled Starre Pure, the world’s first sub ohm tank utilizes Ceramic cover coil technology. Over 1 Million users in America and Europe.

59. Keystone

KEYSTONE, established on August 1, 2022, specializes in ODM and OEM services for leading vape brands. With 80% of its staff experienced in R&D from top vape companies, the company focuses on developing its own brand, emphasizing consumer health and sustainable, enjoyable vaping experiences.

60. SKE Technology

Founded in 2013, Shenzhen SKE Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Sikary. With a 20,000-square-meter workshop, advanced laboratory, over 1500 employees, and a 100,000-level dust-free workshop guaranteeing top-notch products. SKE’s commitment to quality is reflected in its various certifications and more than 180 intellectual property rights.

61. Bangma 

Bangma Vape, established in 2011 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is one of the global leaders in vape device manufacturing. Bangma always brings together innovation, technology, and professionalism to create the most reliable service for their global vape customers. Based on a legacy of 12+ years of industry experience, and the collaboration with 100+ well-known vape companies, Bangma already established a strong support team to provide one-stop OEM&ODM service.

61. ANYX

ANYX, an atomization technology company by Aspire since 2022 with a user-driven ethos, excels in creating enjoyable, high-quality products. They boast a robust R&D team, extensive production lines, and over 2300 patents, emphasizing strong values in safety, reliability, and sensory satisfaction. Their operations are bolstered by numerous management certifications, including ISO standards and GMP.


Smoant, eastablish in 2014, under Cloupor Group, excels in e-cigarette technology and healthy lifestyle promotion. With brands like Cloupor and Ant Bar, it’s recognized for unique design and atomization technology. Smoant’s dedicated lab ensures product quality, while its factory employs AI and machine learning for efficient production. Their strong R&D center focuses on market-driven technological innovation.

63. Fumot

Established in 2011, Fumot has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in vape technology. Their commitment to quality is evident in every product they release, and the Digital Box 12000 Puff is no exception. This vape pod is a testament to their dedication to delivering high-quality, user-friendly vaping experiences. Support OEM and ODM.

64. Romio

Founded in 2012, Romio working towards raising the quality of life for our users through high-quality products. With a full array of in-house development capabilities for all critical components of an e-cigarette, Romio has the confidence to help as many as possible.


Established in the US, its parent company is Shenzhen Mengxiangshuo Technology Co., Ltd., NICEPROVAPE has made its mark in the online retail of electronic cigarettes, aiming far beyond the provision of high-quality vaping products and enticing flavors. At the heart of their mission lies a deep-seated commitment to social responsibility and health. Advocating for a healthier, safer alternative to smoking, they stand by the motto “Breathe Healthily and Convey Care.” With a keen focus on improving life quality, NICEPROVAPE integrates health advocacy, environmental responsibility, and community support into its core operations, striving to make a meaningful impact on society while catering to the needs of vapers nationwide.

66. Prima Vape

Founded in 2022, Prima Vape has quickly established itself as a trailblazer in the vaping industry, driven by its innovative spirit and commitment to quality. Operating from its own manufacturing facility, Prima Vape not only produces premium disposable e-cigarettes but also invests heavily in research and development to push the boundaries of what a vaping device can offer. Flip pod is its famous product.


VAPTEX, based in Shenzhen, China, is a leading innovator in the vaping industry. With a 500,000 square foot factory and a dedicated team of over 100 engineers, VAPTEX focuses on advanced technology and superior design. Their flagship products include the Bangbar Air, with 18,000 puffs and advanced mesh coil technology, and the eco-friendly Nebula Pod Kit. Known for COREX Heating Technology and the AXON CHIP, VAPTEX ensures exceptional flavor and extended coil life. Committed to quality, VAPTEX holds ISO and GMP certifications, maintaining high safety standards and strong customer support.

Final words

We reviewed the last list, added some new China-certificated manufacturers, and deleted some outdated and duplicated data. Moreover, we’ll keep updating the new list. Welcome to stay tuned for the updates to keep informed of the vape manufacturing industry trends.

Leave a comment below if we missed your factory in the list, we’ll review then add it soon.

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A complete and all-round list of best vape manufacturers in China in 2024

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