VAAL EP4500 4500 Puffs Disposable Vape Review: a good taste premium vaping device

VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable taste
VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable flavor
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VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable ease of use
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VAAL EP4500 provides good taste to vapers. Best ease of use and 4500 puff long endurance make it a perfect disposable for daily vaping.

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We got another two premium disposable samples named VAAL EP4500 from the manufacturer Myvapor directly. Then what’s the difference between this disposable vape and other disposables, let’s take a closer look at it.

VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable hands-on

VAAL EP4500 4500 Puffs features its WideWich technology. It’s a unique technology invented by Myvapor to make the disposable kit taste better.

Though I don’t know how this tech works detailly, according to our real hands-on vaping experience with it, the flavors taste rich and mellow and full of fruit fragrance. We got the mango compound flavors. And the cheesecake dessert flavor we got is not greasy at all, it tastes smooth and delicious.

There is indeed a pure taste and joyful nicotine experience produced by the innovative widewick technology, which contains all kinds of e-juice intake and e-liquid lock-in mechanism. It stops craving for cigarettes efficiently with 5% enough nicotine content, and no leakage found when using.

Thanks to the zero leaking design, VAAL EP4500 Disposable definitely ensures convenience for you so you won’t get a messy hand.

With its 9.5ml of e-juice capacity, VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable gives you up to 4500 mouthfuls of flavoring cloud pleasure with each puff. And the taste is consistently great from the first puff to the last puff with its rechargable design, high-quality coil and optimal airflow design.

We have to admit that the flavors of VAAL EP4500 are quite rich. It’s amazing that there are over 20 flavors for choosing from, including cherry coke, coconut ice cream, grape ice, mint, mixed berries, strawberry grape energy, strawberry kiwi, and strawberry watermelon ice, etc. Nowadays there aren’t many brands that can withhold so many flavors in stock. It’s proof of the brand’s strength.

The only downside is that there isn’t an airflow adjustment function with this disposable. I think the manufacturer’s concept is to make the device to be easy to use to a maximum extent. As you can see, the author takes less than a minute to start vaping after getting it out of the packaging.

All the flavors of VAAL Rechargeable 4500 Puffs Disposable Kit
All the flavors of VAAL Rechargeable 4500 Puffs Disposable Kit

VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable Specifications

4500 Vaping Puffs Disposable Pod

Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery

WideWich technology

Mesh Coil 1.2ohm

9.5ml Large E-liquid Capacity

Stealth and easy to use



VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable work great on our hands. And its business style and minimalist design are extra reasons to vape it every day for smokers who altered from cigarettes.

Where to buy VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable @$15.99


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