Are you wondering about what you should know about magic mushrooms? Chances are if you are reading this blog piece, you are wondering about the beautiful world of magic mushrooms. In this blog piece, we shall look at the best ways to take magic mushrooms. Additionally, all of these ways are completely safe. So make sure to read the entire blog to explore the beautiful world of magic mushrooms.


  • Chew


When it comes to take shrooms canada, the preliminary and best way is to chew and swallow. For maximum experience, you need to properly chew magic mushrooms so that you are able to extract all the juices. When the psychoactive juices of the magic mushrooms will start mixing with the blood, depending on whether your stomach is full or empty, you will start feeling the effects within 45 minutes or less. It is important to note that when chewing it comes with an unpleasant taste and feel in the mouth. If you are not looking for the not so pleasing sensation in the mouth, you can opt for grinding the magic mushrooms with a truffle grinder.


  • Make a cup of tea with the magic mushrooms


For those who are trying to evade the unpleasant taste that comes with chewing magic mushrooms? How about making a magic mushroom cup of tea? Taking the magic mushroom cup of tea helps to remove the bitter magic mushroom taste. Making a cup of tea with magic mushrooms is easy and all you need to do is to crush them into small pieces and then put the crushed magic mushrooms into the pan of boiling water. For the perfect magic mushroom tea, make sure the mixture simmers for about 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Take mushroom capsules


While analyzing what you should know about magic mushrooms, do you know that magic mushrooms come in capsules? The great thing about taking these capsules is that you can microdose the intake any time you wish. For those who are wondering what does microdosing means? It means taking magic mushrooms in little doses. The great aspect about taking mushroom capsules is that it does not come with the unpleasant taste associated with chewing the product directly. In regards to microdosing, it can be tailored based on time and the amount of intake. It has been known that mushroom capsules can help in creative professions. It is known to increase and improve energy levels. It is vital to note that when microdosing with mushroom capsules, make sure that the dose of the magic mushroom capsule stays below 0.5g.


  • Take Magic mushrooms edibles


Do you wish to enjoy the entire wonderful world of magic mushrooms? Then you should try out magic mushrooms edibles. The great aspect about magic mushrooms is that they can be added to almost any food. However, if you do desire to have the best edible experience then add magic mushroom in the cooking phase. During the cooking phase, the psilocybin present in the magic mushroom will breakdown and gets absorbed in the food making it perfectly edible.




If you are wondering what you should know about magic mushrooms then the first research you should conduct is for the best ways to take magic mushrooms safely. In this blog piece, we have enlisted the top four ways to safely take magic mushrooms. All these ways have been backed by our experts. In case of questions related to what you should know about magic mushrooms make sure to get in touch with us. Our team of experts is always willing to help our readers.

Aisha Daniela
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