Why Should You Smoke CBD Hemp Cigarettes?

Smoking CBD is a great way to relax and take it easy for a short time. Whether you’re enjoying it after a long day’s work, on your lunch break, or just hanging out somewhere with friends, hemp cigarettes are the perfect stress reliever. We carry CBD cigarettes from Pineapple Express. They make a fantastic alternative to smoking cigarettes because they don’t contain any harmful tobacco or carcinogens. They smell like pineapples and taste slightly sweet. And the best part is that these hemp cigarettes will never get you high!

Quickest Entry Into Your Body

When you smoke CBD cigarettes, you feel the effects almost instantly. Furthermore, unlike tinctures or edibles, smoking CBD cigarettes does not require your body to absorb any chemical, reducing the amount of time it takes to feel the effects. CBD cigarettes are a highly efficient way of delivering CBD to your system. They take almost no time to feel the effects, and because they do not involve your digestive system, you will start feeling the effects almost instantly. In addition, CBD cigarettes have been shown to reduce pain more effectively than prescription drugs.

CBD Cigarettes Are Legal With The Farm Bill!

Our Hemp is made from domestically grown, GMO-free hemp to give you that experience you’ve long been waiting for. CBD hemp cigarettes give you the same sense of relaxation and effortless feeling as regular tobacco cigarettes but with less tar, no tar, no carbon monoxide, and absolutely zero tobacco. 


CBD cigarettes are a cost-effective way to reduce or even stop your nicotine cigarette use. Each hemp-filled cigarette is equivalent to one of the tobacco-based cigarettes. This will save you a lot of money per month, making CBD cigarettes the most cost-effective cigarette option out there. You are still able to smoke them whenever you would like, as they will not make you sick or light-headed. This makes them a better option than nicotine cigarettes because they do not cause tobacco lung or oral cancer.

Supports A Comfortable, Relaxing Mindset

CBD cigarettes are a fast and convenient way to get the calming effects of CBD quickly into your bloodstream. Plus, smoking CBD is a great way to enjoy all day or before bed effects. 

A Great Option To Help You Quit Smoking Nicotine Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes could be a great replacement for nicotine cigarettes. As we have read, they are cost-effective, do not contain any addictive substances, and can still give you a calm and relaxing mindset.

Where Can You Find CBD Cigarettes For A Great Cost?

Hempzilla CBD Cigarettes contain 0.3% or less total THC, and are grown right here in the U.S., to be consumed by you! Hemp contains many cannabinoids that support a healthy, relaxation-centered lifestyle- it also has high amounts of Vitamin B1 for anyone suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Hemp is naturally good for the body, and Hempzilla CBD will ensure you enjoy this product!

CBD cigarettes will provide you with a quick and easy way to enjoy the effects that come from smoking CBD. Your body will feel calm and relaxed as soon as you light up. These cigarettes are meant for fast absorption rates and if you are looking for effects that last longer, CBD oil might be a better option for you. Also, keep in mind that each person is different.

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