Bitcoin is the name of the e liquid

When the oil and oil homogenization is very serious, I see a sudden appearance of a very new oil, the name is very interesting, the name is BTC.

BTC is the English alphabet for bitcoin. The Chinese name of this cigarette is called Bitebi.

Observing this vape packaging found that it is not called bitcoin, its so simple, packaging is also directly linked to bitcoin. The golden background is the electronic circuit in the background. Look, it’s a full bit of bitcoin.

This kind of play is the first time not only in the electronic cigarette industry, but also in other industries.

Not only is packaging linked directly to bitcoin, but also playing is directly linked to bitcoin.

It is understood that this cigarette oil each package has put a collection card, saying “set 6 coins, get 50 thousand yuan worth of bitcoin!”

Which 6? The 6 most popular digital currencies were selected: bitcoin, ether currency, world currency, Monroe currency, Wright currency and Ruby money.

When you buy the oil, disassemble the package and get the coin card. Just scrape out the image of a coin, take the coin card in the opposite direction by sharing the photos with the bitcoin oil photos and share the information in the circle of friends.

Bitcoin treasure

Set up any 4 different coins, you can exchange 60ML bottle of a bottle! Together with 6 coins, it can be exchanged for a bitcoin that worths 50 thousand yuan. This is not a bitcoin. It’s a real bitcoin.


Is the coin card hard to scrape out the coin? After detailed researching, it is not difficult. The general dealer steamed library technology of this kind of vape oil tells us that every coin card can scrape out the image of the coin.


The design is very good. How about the taste of the oil? Do you have a good smoking? I began to think that this vape oil was just a good concept, and the smell of vape would not be amazing. But after the test, it was found wrong.

Often vaping electronic cigarette has a similar experience that the vape oil tastes not good, especially the fruit flavor oil, 20ML, 30ML, after half a bottle or a bottle, they are enough of that, and do not want to vape anymore.

But it was found that the oil was very worth vaping. In order to verify the resistance to the intolerant, the oil is 60ML, I have finished 3 bottles, now vape the fourth bottle, and found it not greasy, and has the desire to continue to vape it.

The taste is clear and refreshing, like the entrance of wine,  more delicious, more tastes, like the fresh taste after rain. It smells refreshing.

It seems that this kind of vape oil will become the popular hit product.


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