BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Review: Highlighting Innovative Side-Refill Tank Design

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Hello everyone! How was your International Labor Day last week? It’s been a while since we last talked about BPMODS products. Today, I’m excited to share with you the BPMODS TMD BORO Lite, a hit product from the recent expo in Egypt. Paired with the new TMD COILS v2 series, let’s dive into its performance.


Product Overview

What’s in the Box

  • 1 TMD V2 Coil 0.3 ohm
  • 1 TMD V2 Coil 0.5 ohm
  • 1 Side-Refill Tank
  • 1 Accessory Pack
  • 1 TMD V2 Coil User Manual
  • 1 TMD BORO LITE Cue Card


Available Colors

  • Silver
  • Gunmetal

BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Review asteVassiveDelicacy TMD.V2 industry's top tier, Here are the upgrades of the TMD V2 compared to its predecessor The TMD V2 pre-built coil is an upgraded successor to the original TMD pre-built coil, designed with the same principle of prioritizing favor while maintaining an exceptional lifespan, Numerous optimizations have been made to elevate the user experience to th 1, Improved sealing structure to address issues with excessive condensation and leaking. 2. Enhanced manufacturing tolerances for better airtightness and smoother assembly and disassembly. 3. Refined air holes for an improved vaping experience and more comfortable airflow resistance; 4. Eliminated the distinction between the PR0 and MESH series in the older version, unifying the usage method. The entire line no longe requires manual pre-wicking, making it simpler and more effcient: 5. Modified for those with nickel allergies,the entire line's heating elements are made of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy (Kanthal A1) ol alloy steelto ensure nickel-free components: 6., Optimized the wicking medium's temperature resistance range, offering a broader power drive range. This allows for longer battery life at lower power or increased vapor production at higher powet Usage instructions * The TMD V2 coll has sianificantly simplified the usage process, eliminatino the need for manual pre-wicking Regardless of the resistance value, please follow these steps in order. 1.install the coil;. 2. Refll with e-liquid;, 3. Let it sit for 1 minute, adjust to the appropriate power seting, and you are ready to vape 1MINUTE< Compatible Devices - The TMD V2 pre-built coil can be used with, but not limited to, devices under the BpMops brand such as SaberTLightsaber series, TMD Boro, TMD DotTank, Sure S, Pioneer S, and any other devices that are compatible with pre-built is alsccompatible with devices that include "TMD" or"TMD V2" in their name or on their packacing, including atomizers and all-in-one devicesAdditionally, it can be used with PnP and GTX mods and atomizer! Condensationcondensation residue,the laws ofa中sBePn entianty Anted IO redueethermodynamics dictate that condensation is inevitably going to occur.lf you notice a few dark droplets adhering to theecirnde coniacts at the bottom of the coimatslcifscenfthadeclthese are normal signs of condensation, not leaks, Don't worry; simply wiping them off promptly will keep the area clearfor a longer period.Additionally, optimizing your vaping habits can further mitigate condensation issues. For instanceinitiate the draw slightly before fring, stop fing a bit before you finish drawing. aveoid the habit of blowing into the drip tirbefore inhaling, use an appropriate airflow seting and draw strength, and try to maintain power vithin a moderate range offer you some tips to minimize the risk of leakracing,winasuit flying, aretie sau Leakage - While the TMD V2 coll has been signifcantiy optimized to reduce e-liguid seepage, the nature of electronic cigarettes mean that both the atomizer and coil have a semi-open structure, and there is a pressure diference between the inside and outside of the tank it's challenging to quarantee that every TMD V2 coilcan handle a variety of complex environments without leaking. However,we can stil est to empty the tanki cannonball, piloting curvature spacecraft, performing space folds 1. ldle use for up to 48 hours is generally fne, but for longer periods without use, it's be 2, Use an appropriate airflow setting and draw strength, and try to avoid exceeding the recommended power range printed on the coil 3. lf used in coniunction with a top-airflow device, such as the SaberTf, this can further slow down the accumulation of condensation 4. Do not carry your vaping device when participating in activities that may involve significant vibration, pressure changes, temperature chanaes or acceleration changes, such as taking airlanes, riding roller coasters,bungee jumping, skydiving, surfing, downhill mountai na,riding rockets.acting as hum using super speed force, or fleeing from the unspeakable ones, lf you must engage in these activities,please clear the remaining e-liquic from the tank and turn off your device beforehand, and remove the battery if possible. Device Power .On some variable wattage mods, when the battery is running low, theoutput power may decline. At this point, the evaporation rate of the e-liguid within the coican be slower than thewicking speed,causing the wicking medium to becomeoversaturated and potentially leading to leaking,lf you notice that the actual power readinon the screen is siqnificantly lower than the set value when you fre the device, please storusing it and either charge the mod or replace it with a fresh battery.Special Devices - On Mosfet mods, due to the absence of a boost inductor module in thechioset,the outout power will decrease as the battery level drops,When using suchdevices, if you notice that the quality of the vape has become noticeably less satisfying alany point, it may indicate that the battery has dropped below 3V, Continuing to use it at thistate could lead to leaking, Please stop using the device and either charge it or replace thebattery with a new one. 12.5W柳7.2WPVRDECHESLD . On the packaa of the TMD V2 and on each coil there is a recommended wattage range.printed. Please Recommended Wattage Rangeor eligible for returns or exchanges adhere to these suggestions, lf the working wattage is too low it may cause leaking; ifit is too high, itmay lead to dry hits, lssues arisine from not following the recommended wattage willnot be considered as product quality problems and wil not be covered under warrant! Disassembly or Rebullding Unauthorized disassembly or rebuilding ofthe TMD V? coils is strictly prohibited. Any issues caused by self. disassembly wil not be considered as product quality problems and will not be covered under warranty or eligible for returns or exchanges. lf disassembly or rebuilding leads to leaking, or even more serious accidents, resulting in damage to your device contamination of belongings, or personal injury and property loss, the company will not bear any responsibilityBPMODS TMD BORO Lite ReviewBPMODS TMD BORO Lite ReviewBPMODS TMD BORO Lite ReviewBPMODS TMD BORO Lite Review Performance and user experience of this product may be diminished in environments that are overly humid or dry,too cold or hot, have poor airquality, or in high-altitude mountainous regions, aboard ships, or on airplanes. The recommended power range indicated on the product packaging is suitable for e-liquids with a VG:pG ratio of7:3 to 5:5.lf you are using ane-liquid with a VG ratio greater than 70%,please reduce the power within the recommended range to avoid a shorter than expected lifespan. lfthe VG ratio is less than 50%,increase the power within the recommended range to prevent leakage due to the e-liquid being too thin. We do not recommend using atomizer coils with a resistance lower than 0.80, or using high power for continuous vaping of nicotine sat e.liguids (typically marked on the botle with terms like "salt," "nic-sal," etc. if not specifed, e-iquids with a nicotine content higher than12mg/ml or 1.2% are considered nicotine salt e-liquids) due to their high nicotine concentration and rapid absorption. This may lead tosymptoms of nicotine overdose such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, in severe cases, it may increase the risk otcardiovascular diseases. lf any related symptoms occur,stop using immediately,drink plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary. This product is intended only for legal-age smokers and is not suitable for non-smokers, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or thosewith a risk of cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases, lf symptoms such as nausea,vomiting, diziness, diarthea, weakness,rapid heartbeat, ordifficulty breathing occur, stop using immediately, drink plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary. The product may contain small parts; keep it out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion. Do not use any pre-built coi,including TMD V2 and TMD, on mechanical mods without protective circuits! This could lead to severe accidents!


Product Experience

  1. Innovative Side-Refill Tank: The new side-refill tank design is commendable for maintaining aesthetics while making refilling oil more convenient.
  2. Improved Compatibility: Now better supports a range of third-party coils, including PnP and GTX series.
  3. Enhanced Vaping Experience: The TMD COILS v2 series elevates the vaping experience with a satisfying draw.
  4. Precision Airflow Control: The bottom airflow adjustment is superior to traditional ring designs, offering quick and precise settings.


Product Summary

I consider the BPMODS TMD BORO Lite a noteworthy upgrade. It combines cost-effectiveness with premium features, maximizing the product’s functionality. Its compatibility with third-party RBA adds a great deal of fun for DIY enthusiasts. Despite some minor gaps in the bottom and airway components after assembly—which some might see as a tolerance issue—I view it as a reasonable compromise for versatility in design and third-party coil compatibility. It seems like a considerate nod to vaping enthusiasts. For those like me who prefer simplicity, I recommend using the ROUND WIRE 1.2 ohm coil for a consistently great vaping experience. So, until next time, VAPE HOW WE ROLL, ALL IN TRUETOY—I’m your host, DirtyCheck.

Where to buy BPMODS TMD BORO Lite @$34.99 USD


BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Material Quality
BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Flavor Quality
BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Compatibility
BPMODS TMD BORO Lite Value for Money

BPMODS TMD BORO Lite excels in design, flavor quality, and compatibility, all receiving five stars. Material quality and value for money also rate highly, making it an excellent choice.

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