Company Name: AIRSCREAM
Summary: A promising e-cigarette start-up that opened its doors in July 2018.

Founded in June 2018, AIRSCREAM was born in the UK. We also have global distribution with offices in China, Australia and Cyprus. AIRSCREAM chose e-cigarette to be the first product to meet consumers, whether it is uncompromising in price or focusing on the creation of taste and product improvement.

The expectation we have given ourselves is to help the majority of smokers change their dependence on traditional cigarettes. Our idea of the brand is very simple, close to the art to give consumers a new look; research and design bring consumers a new experience.

Compared to exaggerated marketing, we are more focused on how we can make consumers feel our self-requirement. In the future, we also hope that we can make joint plans with major brands to bring more visual and taste experiences to consumers.

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Phone Number (Add country code yourself when needed): +44 117 316 4194
Country/Region: UK
Address: Ashville Park, Short Way, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 3UU. UNITED KINGDOM
Founded Date: 01/07/2018
Products: starter kits, pod vape, pod system
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