Company Name: Evove
AKA: Salt Labs
Summary: The manufacturer of EVOVE lite, EVOVE pro, EVOVE nano

Samuel Liu and Hitesh Dubey, two former smokers who have worked in the traditional tobacco and electronic cigarette industries for many years, jointly founded SALT LABS. Everything is evolving, and we are almost paranoid in our belief that tobacco should not be an exception. Cigarettes have long been uncool. Traditional tobacco has been unchanged for too long. Atomization technology will change the way people burn nicotine over the past thousand years.

We believe that cigarettes will eventually become a niche product like cigars, and that smokers will evolve into an alternative in the near future. For this reason, refined salt technology was born and committed to become the leader of this trend. This is our story. Our first electronic cigarette brand “EVOVE” name also comes from this, take the meaning of “EVOLVE” (evolution) in English.

Official Website: http://www.evovevape.com
Founded Date: 01/01/2016
Company Genre: