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Also Known As: Beijing Qiwu Technology Co., Ltd. 北京奇雾科技有限公司/ 未来实验室(北京)企业管理有限公司
Founded Date: 01/01/2019

YOOZ vape is an electronic cigarette brand created by Mr. Cai Yuetong, which belongs to Beijing Qiwu Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Cai Yuetong is committed to providing healthy and safe electronic cigarette products for everyone. He hopes to bring people a better life through science and technology and make electronic cigarettes a transitional product for people who quit smoking. From then on, YOOZ electronic cigarettes will change your life.

Product: Pod vape, disposable vape pen, starter kit
Contact Information
Official Site:
Phone: 15201041029
1720-17, 17th floor, 66 North Fourth Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing
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