Innokin takes part in the IECIE and ends up successful

On 14-16 April 2018, the 2018 Shenzhen international electronic cigarette industry exposition (IECIE) was held at 6/7/8/9 International Exhibition Center, Shenzhen. As one of the largest and most influential electronic cigarette exhibitions in the world, many electronic cigarette brands have been exhibiting. Innokin, a well-known brand of electronic cigarettes in China, was also invited to attend.

Innokin “is committed to become the international top electronic tobacco and new tobacco research and development, production and sales integration suppliers”, energy saving, green environmental protection, to create a healthy life for customers, focus on customer needs, and constantly improve to meet customer needs. In addition to the attractive appearance of the products, the public number, the circle of friends and the lottery have also attracted the enthusiastic participation of the audience. One of the viewers who won the hat award said, “the quality of the hat is good, just like the electronic cigarette of Innokin.”
The two new model, cosplay, may be the most attractive focus of the No. 6 Museum. Many photographers are competing to take pictures. The audience is taking pictures with the models, and even the nuts are skew to watch.
On the second day, Innokin was busy until 3 p.m. In order to get a better service experience for the dealers / agents / traders / shopkeepers or the visitors to the exhibition, our Innokin’s agent Xia general also comes out personally, helps entertain, talks about cooperation and answers doubts, is full of energy.
 Source: Innokin CN

The audience’s participation, a large number of domestic and foreign cooperation intention customers visit and negotiation, therefore also attracted the CCTV reporter’s interview. Innokin instantly exploded the whole stadium and successfully launched the electronic cigarette exhibition.
Innokin strongly went to Shenzhen IECIE exhibition, and the harvest was full. It also meant that Innokinelectronic cigarette had a higher level of brand awareness.


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Innokin is the best vape company in the world

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