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Do you still remember the brand Innokin?
The well-known ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES COOLFIRETC 75W and ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES COOL FIRE IV TC100 are both starter machines for beginners a long time ago.
Today Innokin introduces the new MVP Pod Kit.
Let’s see how it works.

MVP Pod Kit at a glance

MVP Pod Kit is a compact, intuitive and elegant pod system kit, and is perfect for new vapers. Made from premium-grade zinc alloy paired with a reflective coating, it comes with an outstanding look. MVP Pod Kit is built with 500mAh battery, equipped with a 0.65ohm pod of 2.7ml (standard version). There are two types of power wattage for you to select: 11W/12.5W. And two ways are designed for you to vape: auto-draw, press to fire. The pod features simple side filling, and the large filling port has been designed to avoid overflow and airlock issues. Innokin MVP Pod Kit will provide you amazing vaping experience, just get it!

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

MVP Pod Kit parameters

Device Dimensions: Without Pod: 82.20*22.66*13.38mm

With Pod: 107.88*22.66*13.38mm

Pod Size: 4.5*10.5*22.70mm

Wattage: 11W/12.5W

Voltage Range: 2.65V-3.40V

Battery Capacity: 500mAh/1.85Wh/3.7V

E-juice Capacity: 2.7ml (standard version)

Resistance and Wattage Range: 0.65ohm (11/12.5W)

Coil Materia: KAL

Activation: Auto-draw, press to fire

Color: Pink Fade, Blue Fade, Liquid Amber, Ocean Waves, Space Grey, Stealth Black

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

MVP Pod Kit highlights

1. Intuitive, compact and elegant

2. Made by premium-grade zinc alloy paired with a reflective coating

3. Smooth, ultra-quiet airflow system

4. Dual power selection: 11W, 12.5W

5. Dual activation: auto-draw, press to fire

6. Simple side filling

7. USB Type-C charging

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review user friendly reliable vaping device

User experience with MVP Pod Kit

1. What deserves praise is definitely the 2.7ml e-juice tank. Its endurance is very outstanding in the same level products.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

2. In terms of taste, I feel that the MVP Pod Kit is relatively soft, the amount of vapor and cloud is relatively large, and the taste is relatively clean and refreshing, but not very mellow.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

3. The vaping performance is average, and the performance on compound flavors is weak; while on the fruit and other single flavors, it works well.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review

4. The obvious shortcomings are the material and workmanship of the panel. And it feels cheap obviously, and the panel has not been protected by a film, which is a pity.

Innokin MVP Pod Kit review


Innokin MVP Pod Kit is a device that is very friendly to novices and beginners.
Advanced vapers may not like it, because its e-liquid vaping level is relatively low, and it is a pity that it cannot reach a very full and rich state.
The workmanship still needs to be strengthened. In terms of design, material selection and assembly also need to be strengthened. The author is very dissatisfied.
But overall, it’s a decent device.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Innokin MVP Pod Kit @$14.69

Coupon Code: IMPK

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Innokin MVP Pod Kit is a decent vaping device designed for new vapers with cheap workmanship.

User Rating: 3.2 ( 1 votes)

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