YOOZ Brand New Vape Will Show on 2019 IECIE

YOOZ will show on IECIE during April 14th – 16th 2019 with 5 kinds of flavor e-liquid including Mango, Lemon, Orange, etc. And it will provide free vape pen letter & pattern engraving service.

YOOZ takes the use of Feelm ceramic technology and has 4 hours of continuous working battery to ensure a good experience.

Yooz is an OEM brand created by a famous Chinese influencer Tongdao Uncle.

IECIE Seat:9J62, Showroom 7

Update – 19th April 2019

About Yooz vape

On January 20th, 2019, Cai Yuedong, the former founder of Uncle Tongdao blog in China, posted a poster in his blog status, “Starting a business again, I need your support!” It also announced that its YOOZ brand electronic cigarettes will be sold on the blog and it started the official Wechat program for selling the 368 yuan electronic cigarette gift box package.

According to YOOZ official data, relying on the share of friends circle, KOL, influencers and other channels, the sales amount of the Yooz electronic cigarettes on the first day reached an amazing 5 million yuan.

YOOZ vape is designed with plug-in cartridge and FEELM ceramic atomization core technology. The color of the vape is divided into three types: lonely black, dark blue grey and burning red. At present, the four flavors of YOOZ electronic cigarette are mint, classic, mung bean and black ice, which are also the results of the founding team based on Market Research and analysis of users.

YOOZ, as a newly-needed and fast-consuming product, has not chosen the traditional e-commerce channel for marketing promotion, but relies on its own influencer advantage, and has won a large number of orders in a short time. Yooz is a success model of influencer marketing in China.

YOOZ founder Cai Yuedong told Vape Hk that after leaving Tongdao Uncle, he had gone to Silicon Valley to study and reach the personal angels investment. “Later, after paying attention to the pod vape products, I thought that its function of replacing cigarettes was valuable and effective, but I did not find a product with good comprehensive experience in the market, so I all in to start YOOZ.”

Cai Yuedong began to do market research and analysis a year ago. He basically determined the product plan and started to form a team half a year ago. The composition of team members also has a great impact on its sales form – such as Hechang, co-founder of YOOZ and former founder of Huang Taiji. Both Cai Yuedong and Hechang have a successful experience in business and operation of consumer projects, and have created top-level IP in their respective fields, so YOOZ has sufficient confidence in future sales.

As to the product, the core members of YOOZ’s product and technology team have 8 years’experience in smartphone research and development, and have achieved annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan salesamount overseas. YOOZ team has also introduced excellent talents both at home and abroad in sales channels, some of whom were senior executives of Uber, P&G, Nvida and Dell. Almost the same as Relx team.

Six months after R&D and mass production, the first product launched by YOOZ has been put on sales in stock. Cai Yuedong believes that electronic cigarettes are still a relatively small concept for domestic smokers and consumers, and the promotion channels are not mature, so the marketing of YOOZ’ first batch products is mainly based on the idea of “word-of-mouth marketing” in the circle of friends. In the future, it will also launch offline electronic products stores and online e-commerce.

It is worth mentioning that the first in stock sale of YOOZ electronic cigarettes is not sold by single set, but sold according to three different grades of gifts, divided into “5800 yuan, 18 sets“, “18800 yuan, 60 sets“, “36800 yuan, 150 sets” three specifications.

Cai Yuedong introduced that this is because YOOZ hopes people to send out some more meaningful gifts (to help smokers’friends quit cigarettes) at the time of “Spring Festival Gifts”. YOOZ team has developed a gift-giving program, which allows users to send gifts directly by placing orders online (in the form of gift cards, recipients can choose their own address).

At present, heat not burn (led by iQOS) and vapes are often confused in the market – iQOS is classified as heat not burn tobacco products, tobacco belongs to the management of the national monopoly system, and private enterprises are not allowed to participate.

“Compared with traditional tobacco and IQOS, pod vapes eliminates the main harmful substances (tar, CO, radiation substances, etc.) in cigarettes, which can help to replace, quit smoking and eliminate second-hand smoke in varying degrees. This is also our original intention of choosing to start the business marketing electronic cigarettes.”

At the end of the interview, Cai Yuetong said that YOOZ will expand more sales channels in the future, and the company is in the process of continuous financing (previously funded by original shareholders such as Cai Yuetong, who has invested ten million yuan).

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