Cannabis Vape Hardware Provides New Opportunities across North America

After the federal legalization of delta-8 THC under the 2018 farm bill, demand for the alternative cannabinoid in the United States increased substantially. Over the course of 2019, Google searches for delta-8 increased 257 percent, and searches continued to rise with an increase of 705 percent in 2020. Today, these products serve customers across the U.S. who live in states with and without adult-use cannabis legislation, which means brands with delta-8 products have the opportunity to reach far more customers.

But in a rapidly expanding industry, delta-8 producers still need to demonstrate their integrity, quality, and commitment to the user experience if they’re going to earn long-term consumer loyalty.

Vaping is a portable, convenient, discreet, consistent, and affordable option for those who want to consume delta-8. Companies like Dopex provide a full range of disposable and reusable vape solutions for oil, flower, and wax. As more brands explore delta-8 operations and competition grows, reliable, innovative vape hardware will become a key differentiator in the category.

Cannabis Vape Hardware Provides New Opportunities across North America
WaxPro™ Titan

Dopex is powered by atomization solution provider and manufacturer ICCPP Group, and its Delta8Xcel Series and the WaxPro™ Titan are examples of the company’s approach to creating innovative advanced vaping solutions for cannabis connoisseurs. Together, the lines offer brands a variety of reliable solutions to step up their game and meet growing demand. The Delta8Xcel Series features both disposable and reusable vaporizers, while the WaxPro Titan is designed to handle concentrates, wax, and flower. The company is well-positioned to help multistate operators and licensed producers fulfill their vape technology needs.

Dopex products are designed to eliminate common problems with cannabis vaporizers. The company’s Gene VUltra™ ceramic heating technology uses artificial intelligence to maintain optimal temperature control during use alongside a heating element solution designed to preserve flavor and create robust vape clouds. The device’s preheating function helps eliminate clogging after repeated use, and consumers can dial-in adjustable heat levels to accommodate their intake preferences. Dopex also uses ITO™ proprietary airflow technology with a dual-air passage design to help users enjoy the full flavor profiles of products and strains. To create smooth taste and reduce wasted product, Dopex vaporizers feature multiple oil compartments formed in a V-shape for efficient product flow.

Cannabis Vape Hardware Provides New Opportunities across North America
Delta8Xcel™ Royal

The Delta8Xcel Royal is the company’s newest reusable vaporizer, equipped with Gene VUltra™ ceramic heating technology, proprietary airflow and taste technology, and a three-milliliter capacity with four oil compartments. The 28-gram vaporizer, available in a variety of muted metallic tones, is activated with a single button that doubles as a voltage adjuster to suit different potency preferences.

Cannabis Vape Hardware Provides New Opportunities across North America
Delta8Xcel™ Glamor

The Delta8Xcel Glamor—a smaller, disposable version—features all the same proprietary technology as the Royal. Similar in its minimalist design and with a slightly smaller form, the Glamor weighs twenty-six grams and boasts a two-milliliter capacity. Instead of a button, the Glamor is activated with a simple, quick double-draw on the mouthpiece. The draw-activation preheating design is revolutionary in the vape industry, a Dopex spokesperson said. Controlled by a chip, the design enhances users’ experience while reducing product cost.

While retailers and manufacturers are experiencing high demand for oil-based vapes, there is also a demand for wax pens that operate with the same integrity as the best oil pens. Dopex offers a variety of products outside the Delta8Xcel series, including the WaxPro™ Titan. The Titan is a versatile reusable vape pen capable of vaporizing both flower and concentrates. With quadruple twisted coils, proprietary artificially intelligent heating technology, and adjustable battery voltage, this vaporizer offers a high-tech solution suitable for many applications. The virtual display screen allows users to gauge the status of their vaporizer at a glance and easily switch between voltage levels. Producing high-quality wax is a commendable feat, and consumers can enjoy products more fully when they pair high-quality wax with purpose-built hardware.

The global market for hemp CBD and its byproducts—including delta-8 THC—is expected to reach $16 billion by 2025, and the next few years will be vital for delta-8 suppliers hoping to solidify themselves among new consumers. Dopex’s intelligent heat-control technology, paired with its anti-clogging and taste-preserving design, make the company’s products well-suited to delta 8 oils and concentrates.

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