Cannariz, a subsidiary brand of ALD has been launched

ALD has launched a new brand named Cannariz recently, featuring its new cannabis vaping devices.

Cannariz is a sub-brand of ALD Group Limited, only focusing on cannabis vaping devices such as 510 vape pen, vape cartridge, Delta 8 Disposable, 510 battery, and more. Cannariz team are engaged in research and development to bring exciting vape innovations to their customers and society at large.

According to Cannariz official, their reliable derives are produced from high standards of quality, raw material selection, supply chain management, engineering and maintenance. Backed by customer service, accessibility, transparency and customized solutions, those products will go popular.

Cannariz Values

Cannariz is customer-oriented and is focused on making the best, most creative vaporizer products in the world while keeping technology updating constantly for the masses.

Cannariz Vision

Cannariz is a brand who only focus on cannabis vaping devices and Cannariz vision is to make cannabis vaping more enjoyable, more pleasant for worldwide consumers.

Cannariz Mission

To supply safe and reliable cannabis vaping hardware to consumers worldwide; To maintain quality and safety of ALD’s products and to establish its brand.

Over 12 years of constant design and development excellence has formed the backbone of the company as it has transformed and grown.

Learn more from Cannariz official site


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