CILICON – An Open Cannabis Vaping Technology Platform


CILICON is an open cannabis vaping technology platform to present most cutting-edge cannabis vaping products to cannabis vape communities and also providing customization service for global cannabis companies to help them to stand out from the crown. As a sister company of iKrusher, CILICON looks at bigger pictures to engage in cannabis legalization as a part of the industry.

Cilicon - An Open Cannabis Vaping Technology Platform

CILICON’s Vision: To be the Silicon Valley in the Cannabis World

Cilicon team believes that smarter technology can change the world with healthier lifestyle.

We believe that every innovative cannabis vaporizer comes from day and night effort and remorseless basic technology accumulation rather than an instant idea.

Cilicon aims to be the Silicon Valley in the cannabis world just like its name: CILICON.

CILICON’s Mission: To Provide the Most Suitable Solution for Cannabis Vaping Community

Cilicon wants to start from the ground instead of putting in moral high ground mission that cannot be achieved forever. For our customers, there is no one-size-fits exactly for all situations. As an open cannabis vaping technology platform, Cilicon provides evolving technologies available option that match changing cannabis vaping activities and diverse finished cannabis vaporizers for customization to support our global partner continues to grow in competition.

CILICON’s Foundation

Founded Date: 2009

Manufacturing Base: 185,000+ sq.ft

Vaping Technology Patents: 400+

Skill Workers: 3,000+

CILICON’s Certification

  • ISO19001 /ISO13485 / GMP / cGMP / RoHs

Our Product

Providing smarter and safer cannabis vaporizers to cannabis communities is our lifelong pursue to stand in cannabis vaping industry.

CILICON’s 510 Thread Cartridge:

Cilicon - An Open Cannabis Vaping Technology Platform

510 Thread is an industry standard thread cartridge that connects with 510 batteries to be a fully functional cannabis vape pen. A great example of our customers, Canopy Growth has great reputation and strong sales on its TWEED cartridge in Canada market.

CILICON’s All-In-One Disposable:

disposable vape

Just like the name, All-In-One Disposable is a cannabis vaporizer could not be charged and would be recycled after using.

CILICON’s Pod System: 

Cilicon - An Open Cannabis Vaping Technology Platform

Pod System normally has flat shape and like 510 thread cartridges, its cartridge calls Pod. Pod System represents stronger brand image in consumer mindset. For example, STIIIZY’s pod presents strong STIIIZY’s value and brand image. Also, another Cilicon partner likes Cresco Labs, Wonder Wellness (Sub Brand of Cresco Labs)

CILICON’s Service

In Cilicon, we also provide CILICON DESIGNED products and Original Design Manufacturing service to our customers.

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Cilicon Brand
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