Cloud Factory Jointly Held the First Vape Supply Chain Integration Summit BBS

On September 19th, nearly 300 e-cigarette industry practitioners gathered in the Maker Hall of Fulham information port to participate in the first e-cigarette supply chain integration summit BBS. The “First E-cigarette Supply Chain Integration Summit BBS” jointly organized by Yun Factory, Chip Superman and Xiaofeixia, interpreted the development status of the e-cigarette industry from a technical perspective, capital perspective and supply chain perspective, and exchanged development plans.

The founder of the global online manufacturing model, Mr. Li Qin, the founder of Yun Factory, made a keynote speech on the top ten e-cigarette structure design in the forum. Li Qin, the founder of Yun Factory, analyzed and explained seven key factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes: oil-conducting cotton, atomizer material, thermal area resistance value, air intake port, atmoizing storehouse, e liquid and psychology. He also highlighted product positioning in the e-cigarette structure, the key points of product design, and the common problems of the atomizer.

General Manager of Yun Factory – Li Qin

Wu Li, chief analyst of emerging industry & agricultural industry, deputy director of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute, Li Qin, founder of global online manufacturing model, founder of cloud factory, Zhou Yun, co-founder of Xiaofeixia, Converge, once worked in the global top 500 chip distributor, chip superman founder & CEO Hua Jie and more than a dozen guests, from the perspective of e-cigarette production technology, capital of development and financial supply chain, they have comprehensively interpretation the market situation , technology development direction and capital plan of e-cigarette.

Xiaofeixia co-founder – Zhou Yun

The forum is centered on “inclusive, co-creation and win-win”. The participating guests have deeply shared and discussed the development status, future trends and market prospects of the e-cigar industry, and promoted the sound and sustainable development of the domestic e-cigarette industry.

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