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Different Types of Electronic Cigarette

The Disposable One-Piece

Myst Labs disposable e-cigarette
Virginia Tobacco Disposable Vape Pen

Which are Sometimes referred to as disposable Cigalikes, these devices are familiar to most new vapers and can be found in convenience shops and many vape shops throughout the United States. They are referred to as disposables since the entire device can be discarded after use. Most are designed to be roughly about the size of a tobacco cigarette and thus provide a comfortable way for smokers transition to this safer alternative.
Their small size is matched with their lightweight and enable them a fairly discrete way for vapers to obtain their nicotine even in a public settings. Most sell between the range $6 and $10 and are displayed as being the rough equivalent of two packs of tobacco cigarettes which makes them a cost saving remedy for most smokers. They have Few disadvantages(hazards) as well, of course. They are offer neither the full flavor nor large vapor volume provided by more advanced e-cigs, and cannot be modified to improve their performance. Still, they are an ideal entry point for most vapers.


The Rechargeable Cigalike

moti vape
MOTI Rechargeable Cigalike

Many people who continue vaping after their change from tobacco often move on from the disposable e-cigs to buy a rechargeable Cigalike electronic cigarette device, consisting of a rechargeable battery and a clearomizer or cartomizer. These types of devices are referred to as Cigalike e cigs. Again, they lack the performance of other e-cigs, but many manufacturers offer a preferably better flavor choice than the disposable option.

snowplus vape
Snowplus pod system

The two-piece Cigalike also comes with a rechargeable battery (and USB charging cable) and an atomizer-containing cartridge. Hence It’s called cartomizer. The atomizer screws onto the battery, making the device fit to use with little fuss. This style produces better flavor and slightly better vapor.


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