Will disposable vape with a filter be the future?

As we know iQOS has a large number of fans worldwide because of its HNB tech products. Because people think that iQOS is a less harmful device than traditional smoking. HNB comes with less tar & no second-hand smoke, which is the biggest benefit to vapers. On another hand, some iQOSer loves this device due to the puffs feeling that’s almost like the real cigarette.

What can we learn from iQOS?

Since e-juice vape comes with amazing various flavors such as fruit, sweety, drinking, and tobacco and so on, and pod system vapes are convenient as drinking water, iQOS would never arrive in the world scientifically. While e-juice disposable vape comes with this big advantage over HNB, what do people expect by using an iQOS? We think it will be an interesting process.

Firstly, people vape their devices like iQOS with their favorite juice rather than tobacco, more importantly, the device can be shared via a filter, which is consistent with the social attribute and contribution of the traditional cigarettes. What factories and manufacturers can do in the future is using different flavor popping boba to make amazing mixed flavors. Besides, adding a filter to the e-liquid vaping devices will also be a good idea to increase the sales of vapes while not changing the popular & solid conception of traditional smoking.

In this new game, ALD as a giant vape & HNB OEM factory is able to provide one-stop support including vaping device design, flavors mixing & new idea realization to its customers who need it for wholesale or rebranding.

If you have any new ideas, please do not hesitate to share it with ALD. And ALD will provide you with the best vaping solutions.


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