DO starter kit pod system – Minimalist business style design

DO brand was founded in October 2016. The company is located in Shenzhen, China. It is an electronic cigarette brand company, which is loyal to the user experience and is constantly pursuing innovation. It owns e-liquid, device, atomizer, and many kinds of electronic cigarette peripheral products. Under the guidance of the brand concept of “Starting from Users, Being loyal to users”, DO constantly follows up the market demand to improve product quality and expand product categories, gradually forming a diversified and systematic brand of electronic cigarettes.

DO starter kit pod system

Early DO brand attaches great importance to the production of quality e-liquid, has produced a number of unforgettable series of vape juice, interstellar e-liquid is one of them. At the present stage, the DO brand, which has become very prominent in the production line of quality e juice, has finally catered to the market to create a very commercial style of vape, DO starter kit.


External packaging:

External packaging: External packaging:

DO starter kit is called the “minimalist business kit”. The outer package is designed with white base square carton, with a simple style of black printed data. LOGO with “DO” brand printed on the front, as well as the internal product line map. Print details of internal products on the side and back, as well as important information in Chinese and English, bar code, Chinese identity authentication and so on.

DO starter kitDO starter kit

Details of internal products are as follows:



User manual *1

USB Charging Cable*1

Cover plate *1

Simple style design is also used in the interior, but its covering board is very fashionable for “simplicity”. DO LOGO brand as for the bottom, most of the pattern printed on it, revealing a faint wild. The product name printed on the top is “QIAN LING”, and the slogan of DO products is “refined 1000 times for a good smoke”.


Product appearance:

DO starter kit DO starter kit

DO device is made of Aeronautical Aluminium material. The device of 93*20.1*9.6MM size appears to be slim. However, comparing with other pod sizes, it is found that the illusion of “slim” is embodied in the appearance of its products like cuboids and the design concept of flattening. Thanks to the flat design, DO pod has a different comfort in hand than round pod’s ergonomic design. The more flat body is very thin. Although both sides are raised, the grip is still relaxed. Flatness is excellent for portable type.


DO starter kitDO starter kit

The surface of device is treated with high technology and anodic oxidation coating, as well as polishing. It is worth affirming not only in touch feeling, but also in anti-slip and anti-wear. The front of the device is printed with the product name of “QIAN LING” and the DO brand LOGO display. The LED induction lamp set is also converted from ordinary mid-position to bottom-position. The side of the device only involves a single air intake hole, and the USB air intake compensation has less function. Therefore, it is preliminarily judged as a small air intake scheme with higher resistance value, which is closer to the real smoking resistance.DO starter kitDO starter kit

The device top is connected by a “concave” type concave design with the product batch number marked inside. Line polishing is smooth, but the sharp part still needs to be strengthened to avoid injuring fingers by mistake. Internal convex telescopic electrodes, as well as convex breathing induction area, place oil leakage caused by high altitude or strong light refraction into the chip. We advises users to avoid such situation in use, resulting in leakage, harm the user experience. Built in battery capacity is 350mAh, charging time is only about 30-45 minutes, all-weather use need not worry about multiple charging phenomenon.

DO starter kit

No strong magnetic position was found in the connecting hole, and no strong magnetic design scheme was found at the bottom of the pod. The connection between the pod of DO product and the device was push-in type, which was confirmed in use. The bottom USB interface shell has the same appearance color as the pod. It has the function of connecting the preceding and the following, and greatly improves the aesthetics. The bottom USB interface adopts the traditional type of interface. From the bottom, it can see that it has too many holes, so the protection of any interface has been effectively enhanced by the DO kit.


Features and experience of podsDO starter kitDO starter kit

The exterior of the pod is slender, and its top protruding shell is designed with “concave” pattern, but its intake design is at the interface of concave design. The batch number is printed on the bottom of the cartridge, and the intake holes of the cartridge are designed on both sides of the gold-plated electrode, and the opening is also small, which further confirms the conjecture that the suction resistance of the cartridge is strong.

DO starter kit DO starter kit

The intake gap between the device and the cart is not large, but the suction nozzle at the top of the cart has a larger opening. Through the strong light, the pod structure is observed, and the flue from the top of the nozzle to the ceramic protective layer is reduced to a reduced state from top to bottom. After the internal smoke is concentrated, the flue gas is dispersed and then slowly increased, and finally the smoke enters the mouth.

DO starter kit

By disassembling the pod, we can find that, together with nine parts of the shell, the multi-layer leak-proof design also makes it not easy to occur the situation of leakage. The ceramic atomizing core adopts the design scheme of outer cotton and outer metal protection ring, and the multilayer ceramic core is protected to ensure normal atomization function and solve the problem of excessive condensation caused by excessive atomization. Since the flue of the cart is longer, the problem of condensation inlet is seldom occurred. After long term use, it is suggested that the air hole should be cleaned up by towel paper.

The cart is a refillable, and the reducibility of the vape juice and the tolerance of various types of e-liquid are to be tested. We used fruit e-liquid, tobacco e-liquid and baking e-liquid to test. The final results were related to the quality of e-liquid and people’s different opinions on tastes.

DO starter kit

DO pod is more comfortable in tobacco flavor. Although the tobacco’s thickness and prominence will be slightly lighter, the wide distribution of tobacco and woody incense will make tobacco feel no longer too dry and smoking degree greatly enhanced. In fruit type flavor, the performance is more moderate, the fruit flavor concentration is not prominent, but in multi-flavor mixed fruit smoke oil. The performance intensity is greatly increased, the layers are more obvious, and the taste of mint is not too light and prominent; the performance of baking class is the most special among the three types of vape juice, the most important thing of baking class is to concentrate its richness, in order to better display the flavor of baking class e-juice, and in some loose pod. Vapor is not too concentrated, but the layers of baking are significantly improved, while the feeling of boredom and dryness is not too obvious, and lovers may be very fond of it.

DO starter kit

DO starter kit is the first one to give priority to business style, truly implement the “flat” device. Flatter design makes people fond of it. Multi-colored optional device provides selectivity for different users. The design of one-side air intake hole and smaller middle-opening slot air intake can increase the degree of suction resistance, which is closer to the real smoking suction resistance experience. Refillable carts are very friendly to users who like DIY. Repeated use not only saves money, but also is more environmentally friendly.

DO starter kit


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