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Top-notched flavor with unique 0 vaping resistance makes DRAGBAR R6000 disposable vape irresistible. It's definitely another excellent disposable vape.

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DRAGBAR R6000 is another disposable vape from Zovoo. It is launched 5 days ago according to the news from the official. It features its large airflow for direct-to-lung vaping, good taste, and long endurance. Let’s learn more about it by real hands-on.

DRAGBAR R6000 features

As the first disposable Pod Mod in DRAGBAR family, the new DRAGBAR R6000 perfectly integrates the professional vaping experience with the convenience of disposable products.

Larger capacity, one-time RDL inhalation, vapers can easily enjoy the infinite fun of RDL inhalation of large cloud!

Inspired by DRAG series, the new DRAGBAR R6000 has a high-level sense of visual impact. It creates a perfect texture, allowing us to feel the ultimate touch on the fingertips.

Superimposed with the new air adjustment function, comfort experience can be adjusted at will. Advanced and simple look, excellent tactile materials and extreme vaping experience.

Every detail is full of surprises from appearance to interior. The king of “disposable Pod Mod” — DRAGBAR R6000 is the perfect alternative to traditional RDL vaping devices for cloud chasers.

DRAGBAR F8000 at a glance

DRAGBAR R6000 parameters/ specifications

Name: DRAGBAR R6000
Material: PC, PCTG
Capacity: 18ml
Resistance:  0.6Ω
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


Though the author got the rainbow bear gum candy flavor, its taste is not as sweet as Drag R8000 pineapple, it’s not greasy or irritating. This flavor is much more natural, smooth and pure. It’s top-notched, I like it much.

18ml e-liquid inside is more than enough for a month’s vaping need for a regular vaper.

DRAGBAR R6000 comes with a much larger air hole in the mouthpiece compared to R8000, and the vaping resistance is almost zero, no vaping resistance. Only suitable for direct-to-lung vaping, or advanced vapers with bigger mouth. Vapers who just altered from smoking may not be used to it.

However, after you take a few hundreds of puffs on it, you’ll fall in love with its unique charisma of RDL inhalation without a doubt. I believe this disposable vape will go popular sooner or later.

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