DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape review

DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape pineapple taste
DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape endurance
DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape handling feel
DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape vapor amount
DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape air adjustment

DRAGBAR F8000 pineapple flavor tastes not bad. Long endurance makes it a practical gadget for long-term vaping.

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DRAGBAR F8000 is disposable vape from Zovoo. It might sound very familiar somehow because it’s a sister brand of the famous Voopoo. So will Dragbar taste as good as Voopoo products? Let’s go and find it out.

DRAGBAR F8000 features

The Max Puff disposable vapes from DRAG family shine on the stage, bringing you value-added vaping experience.

DRAGBAR F8000 combines the advantages of fashion and portability of disposable vapes, both inside and outside, to achieve the max puff and redefine the industry benchmark.

One is worth about 800 cigarettes. The new DRAGBAR F8000 brings vapers an excellent experience of unstoppable vaping. It’s very amazing and will allow you to use it for over one month without replacing a new one.

Homage to the classic DRAG series, DRAGBAR F8000 creates a perfect leather texture, with super design appearance, comfortable handling and the ultimate experience of fingertip touch.

Adopted with the powerful mesh coil, DRAGBAR F8000 comes with a smooth and fulfilling taste. The air adjustment function at the bottom allows vapers to customize taste, which brings a more interesting and advanced vaping experience.

DRAGBAR F8000 at a glance

DRAGBAR F8000 Parameters/ Specifications

Name: DRAGBAR F8000
Material: PC, PCTG
Capacity: 16ml
Resistance:  1.1Ω
Battery Capacity: 630mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


The air adjustment function is a shining point for this disposable because with a max airflow it produces a very large cloud, which is overwhelming for me. Therefore, setting the airflow button in the middle position will be perfect.

DRAGBAR F8000 pineapple flavor taste is on the middle level, or maybe upper-middle level. It’s kind of too sweet for me while it may be great for sweet enthusiasts because it’s a ripe pineapple.  However, the pineapple flavor and fruit aroma are genuine and you’ll figure out what flavor it is at once. It’s not bad.

Where to buy DRAGBAR F8000 disposable vape


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